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  1. i am the admin and historian for the 330th Bomb Group. The aircraft that became 'Waltzing Matilda' had a composite crew of mostly K-38 (44-69995) "City of Knoxville" aka "Ernie Pyle" personnel, but flew in a repainted K-54 (44-69774) "City of Patterson, nj" aka "Keohane's Kulprits", that was repainted for the tour. Not sure why.. maybe she had less mileage? Here is the story, as I have it. After the end of World War Two, under the authority of General Douglas MacArthur, General Jimmy Doolittle was charged with handpicking a crew to take a B-29 to Australia, so that Australians could
  2. Yes, I have known Ray for years and I have been most cooperative in regard to providing him any 314th 'City of' that he needs. Many thanks!
  3. A good turret is the first essential of a good fire control system. The turret carries and operates the bomber's guns. Without a good turret, the accessory equipment to control it would become useless and the safety of the airplane would be jeopardized. For an optimum design of the B-29 armament each turret had to be provided with enough guns for good hitting power, but not too many guns, because the weight increases with each gun added. It was necessary to select a caliber of gun heavy enough to be lethal against the enemy fighter planes. Yet, it is also necessary to select the smallest c
  4. Those miust have been a lot of fun to paint up for those guys. I wonder how they came up with such crazy schemes...? Also wonder what the Nazi pilots thought when they first saw these babies?> LOL!!
  5. He was in the 330th Bomb Group. I am the historian, but unfortunately I have no information on this man other than he was a TG on a B-29 and was from Stockton, CA. Maybe that is a start. Where did you come across the item?
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