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  1. Same here. My immediate dream is a French made DSC and a DSM.
  2. Seems to be old enough. Not crafted from a military badge either.
  3. It's not philippine or Pakistan MAs.
  4. One more question. How much would it worth.
  5. Awesome uniforms guys. You are very lucky. Congratulations
  6. Does anyone have a database I can use to identify several uniforms I have. Thanks a lot in advance
  7. I downloaded the pages (ran the auto step and collected the pages in the temp internet folders), combined them in to a PDF and ran text recognition so that they are searchable. You can try to do it yourself. I have a few completed so if you need, I can email if I have it. Thanks.
  8. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this. This is the best I could find. If this is not the correct place, feel free to move it to the correct place. Looking in line I found US army and Navy officer lists and some other personnel lists. There are wounded personnel lists and some award lists. They can be found here. http://www.donslist.net/PGHLookups/MilitaryM.htm Hope this helps.
  9. Hello all, I'm trying to find Medal award lists for pre wwii and wwii medals such as philippine insurrection, spanish campaign, Nicaraguan campaign, Puerto Rican campaign, dominican campaign, etc.... Does wwi and wwii have award lists for medals like silver star, PH, DSC, DSM. Thanks a lot in advance.
  10. When were those metal overseas bars used. Thanks.
  11. Hello all, I wanted to see if someone can help me identify the attached items. These came with a Purple Heart set. Thanks a lot in advance.
  12. Pictures. Please let me know if you need more pictures are needed. Thanks again
  13. Hello all, I wanted to see if someone can help me identify the following rosettes. Thanks in advance.
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