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  1. Hi guys, This medal is for sale for $475. Wanted to get your opinions about the authenticity and value before I submitted a bid Thanks.
  2. What do you think about the color of the liners?
  3. Hi guys, Have a question. I don't know too much about helmets. I have 2 Vietnam era helmets. One has a light colored liner marked Westinghouse. This seems to be the earlier version. The camp cover is older too. The second has a darker liner marked US 29. Seems to be newer than the previous. Could some one please help me identify the differences between the two (time frame, manufacturer, may be the branch of service and any other pertinent information) Thanks a lot in advance Helmet 1
  4. Guys Does this book have the medal award lists? If now what gleim book have the lists? Thanks.
  5. Floyd, I found a boom at OSMA named "gleim medal letters". But this was one book. Sounds like you are talking about multiple books. Is that right? Thanks.
  6. Guys thank you very much. I appreciate it.
  7. B229 thank you so very much. I appreciate it very much.
  8. Guys thanks a lot for your comments. I spent about $85 on this. Didn't want the whole thing to be a waste.
  9. Hi guys, Liking for your opinions on the authenticity of this medal. Thanks a lot in advance
  10. Not too much of an expert, but it seems like an original. Great find. Congrats. If you don't mind me asking, how much dis u pay for this. Thanks.
  11. I would just compare it to known samples just to make sure. Lot of fakes floating around.
  12. I have a Carlisle tin like this. It's very similar. I think it's real. Not so sure on the pouch.
  13. Be careful if it's on ebay. People can make these things and age it so it seems from the wwii era. Good business nowadays.
  14. I am I intrigued with world wars. So I started collecting German items. Then I started acting Us items. Now I'm selling German items and getting more and more in to US. To me history is interesting. I take what happened and peoples suffering very seriously. Millions of people died. So this is a way of honoring the people who, without regard to their lives, stood up to a ruthless dictator for our sake and defeated him. To me every single one of them are absolute heros
  15. Someone with knowledge of Chinese would be the best. Just a thought, if there is a Chinese restaurant close by, may be u can ask them to translate it for u.
  16. One day may be a decorated airborne uniform and a engineer uniform.
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