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  1. Hello all, I'm looking at buying two uniforms on the forum. I wanted to find a little about the marine before I bought them, such as their enlistment date. Is there a database for that? Thanks in advance
  2. Guys, I came across this china campaign medal on ebay. What are your thoughts about the autnenticity Thanks in advance.
  3. The DFC on the left had a soldered But both are the same thickness. Although this is the same thickness, Does the soldering mean that it's a USN contract DFC although it came in a army box? Does all wwii USN contract DFCs have the soldering?
  4. I think I found the soldering on ebay. Was this the case for all USN contract air medals? I've seen many, even in groups that didn't have the soldered fleur de lis.
  5. The complete medal on the left of the post above with its brooch. The same medal brooch with a numbered medal brooch without a frosted finish.
  6. These are the two that seems to have a frosted finish. This is the complete medal 3rd from the left and the planchet on the right in the pictures above.
  7. Guys I'm trying to find the difference between a wwii issued army contract medal and a navy contract medal for medals that are common to both services (PH, SS, BS, AM, DFC, etc..) I already know that the navy medals, for the most part, come in short titled cases. I saw a very detailed discussion on the colored medal cases. (http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/206809-navy-wwii-colored-medal-cases/) The medal could be for sea services only (navy cross, etc...). Also, if the medal is in a grouping, may be mounted, then just by the sea services medals you can identi
  8. Alex, It's a pity that most if these can't be traced. I have 2 in original boxes and one came with the sailers service record. The other, no idea. There are few services who may be able to help. Here are the traceable medals from Andrews website. http://wartimecollectables.com/research-services.html And another one http://oldusmedals.com/Traceable_Medal_Numbers.html?no_redirect=true May be they can help you. Good luck
  9. Just out of curiosity, what is being asked for these?
  10. Guys, Thank you very much for the info. This didn't sell. Could've bid for $50 but didn't because I'm short on cash. Thanks again
  11. Wow. Never noticed these marks. They are very faint. The helmet with Westinghouse liner has a mark that looks like 1-4451. The 5 could be a 0 or 3 or 8 or 9. 5 is my best guess. The other one is marked 2493 or 2403. I have a another rear seam swivel bail helmet with wwii liner with a 2nd div markings. This is marked S and 498A. The front seam fixed bail helmet with wwii liner doesn't have any heat numbers. When did the heat numbers start appearing in helemts? Thanks.
  12. Mike this is great information. Thanks a lot. The only information that I had it was mountain div was the ebay listing it came from (I know it's hard to trust all the sellers). This helmet and liner are both painted white. Just out of curiosity, which units painted their helmets white?
  13. Guys, Thank you very much for your comments. Thanks again.
  14. Hi guys, I came across a person who said that he just bought 14 wwi French made DSCs. Reading the forum and searching around the internet, having 14 wwi original French DSCs is pretty rare. From the looks of it, it could be a 1940s or later reproduction. What are your thoughts on the authenticity of the medal shown here? If it is real what's a fair price? He is asking for $75. Thanks a lot in advance
  15. Hi again, I hate to be a nag. But I'm having trouble narrowing down to a single person. For example I have a helmet and liner painted completely white, from 10th mountain. The laundry Mark is v1586. How do I find out the service branches of each person? NARA website lists personnel as enlisted or warrant officers. Doesn't give any other information. Thanks for help
  16. Sabrejet, Here are the markings from helemt 1. This has been worn so the markings are not clear at all. Here are the markings from helmet 2. Definietly newer. Here are the 2 helmet liners side by side. Helmet 1 (on the right) has lighter color OD straps and stiching and helemt 2 is darker. Apart from that helmet liner 1 is a duller OD color (very close to the color of the helemt) while the helmet 2 liner is darker and brighter OD. Considering all you said, looks like helmet 1 is a older version than helmet 2. What are your thoughts? I also saw th
  17. Allen, This is marked LGB sterling, but stamped in, not raised letters Thanks.
  18. Forgot to mention that this is a clutch back. I've asked for better pictures and will post as soon as I get them Thanks
  19. Guys, I came across this LGB Balfour paratrooper wings. Couldn't find a good reference online. So I'm posting here for your review and comments. This is $75 shipped. Worth it? Thanks in advance
  20. Guys, Thank you very much for your help. The comments wet very enlightening and saved $400 on a Frankenstein. Thanks again
  21. Garth, Thanks you very much for letting me know. These are listed as original period items. How much did you pay for your sampson's? Thanks.
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