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  1. Hello all, I came accross this patch on eBay. This is quite different than what you normally see, a castle with unit insignia. I was able to figure out it was army corps of engineers. But couldn't find any other information about the patch and what their role was compared to other army engineers assigned to other fighting units. Could someone please enlighten me? This is all I found. http://www.usarmypatches.com/WW1%20A-Z.htm Thanks in advance.
  2. Individuals who transferred from unit to unit and were with the unit when it received a DUC could wear multiple DUCs. Apart from the unit mentioned a post above, could any other unit have received multiple DUCs? The reason I ask is because I have seen DUCs for sale with 4th and 5th awards. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, I have air medals numbered 674 and 2282. I was wondering if there are any Air medal award lists that I can use to identify the recipients. I also have a dfc numbered 1624. This was discussed once in the forum. I know there are very limited award lists for DFC. I wanted to see if anyone can help me identify the recipient of this medal or point me in the right direction. Thank you very much in advance
  4. Thank you very much for all the great info. How can I confirm what his MOS would have been? Thanks
  5. Actually 808th used to tow 3" AT guns too.
  6. Figured I'll ask another question. Based on the person, TD personnel have worn half track collar disk, infantry collar disk and collar disks that has TD. I found a collar disk on ebay with crosses rifles and AT below them, which, I assume, anti tank. What is the difference between wearing AT vs TD? Also, would there be an instance where TD personnel wearing engineer collar disks? Thanks again
  7. Hello all, I came across a tank destroyer uniform named to a John Brown a few months ago. The uniform did not have any collar pins. After doing a bit of research found out that he was in 808th TD battallion HQ company. I'm in the process of finding a pair of collar badges for the uniform. I don't have any pictures of him in a uniform to know. Typically HQ badges are worn by the division HQ personnel. In a situation like this, would he have worn HQ collar badge or a TD collar badge on his uniform? Also, does someone have TD records so I can get his army service number? Thanks
  8. Wow guys. This is awesome. Thank you very much. I really appreciate all the helpful information.
  9. Guys, Thanks a lot for the lot of great information. This is more than I expected. Although they were wearing the same rating, I'm assuming that the field corpsman were under different command than hospital corpsman. Was there different training for field vs hospital? We're they in different commands? How did that work? Thanks again.
  10. Hello all, I looked everywhere I can but couldn't find a clarification. So I thought I'll as the question. There are two specialty marks shown below. The Red Cross, as far as I know is for a pharmacists mate and the 2nd is for a hospital corpsman. From what I found, Pharmacists mates act as the field medics (during battle) and the hospital corpsman are typically at base hospitals. Is that correct? I'm basically asking which rating is worn by a field medic (excuse me... A corpsman) Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  11. Jon, This is enough information to get pointed in the right direction. Thank you very much.
  12. One more question. Why does some wear the rate (xxx 2nd class) on left sleeve while the others wear it in the right sleeve Thanks again
  13. Thank you very much. That was very helpful. Not having a good understanding of the navy enlisted ranks, before you become a xxx 3rd class, you are an Apprentice and then a fireman. Is that correct? The same uniform had what is similar to a corps device on the right sleeve. What is that for? Thanks again
  14. Here is the white rating. It's on the right sholder this time.
  15. Hello all, Came across this navy jumper with a red aiguillette? on left shoulder. Just wondering what this is for. I've seen it in white as well Thanks in advance
  16. I was going bid on this one too, but you ruined my plans by going over $150. I think you got an awesome item. By the way, the seller has the ribbons and I'm sure you can get his fathers info from him. The seller is lucky to have his fathers items go to a forum member who will treasure it. Good luck. Hope you'll enjoy it.
  17. Wow a lot of great information guys. Thanks to everyone. From the information, I'm assuming that a platoon commander who gets promoted to a captain and becomes an S3 loses the stripe/loop? Thanks again
  18. There was a lot of great info here. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3276-green-combat-leader-stripe 1. So from what I see all NCOs should have worn this in WWiI. But it doesn't seem so (or am I wong?) so what was the award criteria? 2. Once they were awarded and if your role changes or gets transferred to another unit are they removed? thanks again
  19. Thanks guys. Found multiple posts for the same thing. It's interesting that he served one year overseas but was in 10th armored and 45th Div. maybe he was state side when he was in 45th. What were they awarded for? What was the criteria? Once they were awarded and if your role changes or gets transferred to another unit are they removed? Thanks again
  20. Hello all, I saw a horizontal bar on both sleeves below the chevrons of a WWII EM jacket. This is the first time I've seen it. Could someone please help me with what it is? Thanks a lot in advance.
  21. Actually I thought I remembered him from the forum when I made the offer. But just to be on the safe side I looked him up on the forum and saw that he was banned. The uniform still looked good, so I wanted to see if anyone had come across this uniform before. I was glad to see that everyone thought it was good. He is going to take it down this evening.
  22. You guys did amazing research for such a short time. His PH was photo shopped off. The deal is $125 shipped. Looks like I might go for this?
  23. Hello all, Read the reviews on the guy who have listed a Seabee officer uniform on ebay (item 261739015596) According to the seller, he has removed the PH because it's on ebay. What are your thoughts? Does anyone have any information on the officer named to compare what this guy is saying? Thanks in advance
  24. Hello all. Could someone please help me with enlistment date of Mr. D H Goik who served in 2nd marine air wing? Thanks a lot in advance.
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