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  1. Thanks alarmadillo. I think you are right.
  2. Hello all, Does any one know what these are? They are in pairs and cannot be disconnected without breaking the link. There is a 4 leaf clover mark in the back. I thought they were rotc ranks, but I couldn't find anything remotely close to compare. Thanks in advance for help.
  3. Also, which marine regiments would wear this? Would it be any unit served in China who are also eligible for China service medal? Thanks.
  4. I have the same question. Would someone be able to help? Thanks.
  5. I was thinking about a hair dryer because of the plastic. But wanted to see if anyone had used any other method because I was worried about damaging or discoloring the ribbon. I have a whole bunch of ribbons with the same issue. Thanks
  6. Hello all, I have been trying to complete the ribbon bar for a navy corpsman with a 1/2" wolf brown navy good conduct ribbon. But the ribbon is mint and never been used and It seems to be not formed to the 1/2" WB ribbon mount. Therefore, the ribbon is a little "curled" inwards and the internal width of the ribbon is about a 1/16" smaller than the external width of the ribbon bar. Does anyone have any advise on how to get the ribbon on the bar? Thanks in advance.
  7. I tend to agree with Floyd. Thanks to all for your help.
  8. Hello all, Wanted to see if someone had an idea about this ribbon. It's not the British defense service Ribbon. Looks a lot like the Mexican border service, but the center bar seems to be more orange than yellow. Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  9. Would it have something to do with the tailor (can't believe I used the wrong spelling for tailor all this time, I knew something was iffy!) using navy style lettering to name the jacket and the pants. From what I know, navy patches are on the right sleeve.
  10. Bob, Doyler. you are absolutely right. Thanks a lot for the advice. I really appreciate it. Now I'll just enjoy the find, (without stressing that it's a fake ) especially since I got it at a great price. Thanks again
  11. Thanks a lot bob. The guy didn't know it was a Kia. I'm assuming that if you were me, considering that it's a KIA USMC MAW, and including shipping it was less than $200, you would keep it? Thanks again. You are the best.
  12. Guess what! He was in Jacksonville Florida as a corporal in Jan 1944 with the aviation casual company. Then he went to San Diego and then overseas around July of 44. That explains why he doesn't have the MAW patch, because he wasn't assigned to one when he got the jacket made. I'm beginning to think that this is legit unless someone looked him up and took off the old Taylor's label and put in the Steve Wilson company label so it matches with where he was stationed (which is possible). But I don't see any other alterations. Everything is new but nothing has been messed with. The only r
  13. Doyler, there are no labels on the inside. Looks like one was removed and the Steve Wilson label was put on. Has anyone ever come across a wwii uniform that smelled like it was just out of the factory? Based on Bobs advise I looked up the union label. But couldn't exactly find how to date them with just A F of L. The number doesn't seem to mean anything, but I'm assuming that the number progression is based on the time, low numbers first and high numbers later. How can one distinguish dress blues from different periods including wwii era dress blues? I know that pre 1930 seems t
  14. McDermut you are absolutely correct. I forgot to mention that. Also forgot to mention August L stark was in VMB 413 and last recorded date was 2/26/1945
  15. Pants Also found this in a pocket. I couldn't find a USMC 68th battalion on the Internet. Thanks to all in advance for looking and your comments.
  16. I saw this uniform listed on eBay as authentic WWII. After a little research I was pretty sure it belonged to August L Stark who had died in a plane crash in 1945 during a bombing run against Japanese. And naturally, i was dying to buy it. After I received it it just felt wrong. What Dave had said about the "feel of the uniform" is so true. I'm pretty sure that this is a fake, based on 1) fabric on both pants and the tunic is soft and smells new 2) there are a lot of loose threads 3) the ends of the tunic collar where the fabric seems to be elastic. I understand stark may have received th
  17. Thanks for the reply. Has anyone seen a 3/8" Korean War and UN Korean War ribbons as well? Thanks.
  18. I'm sorry to post this question in a thread that hasn't been active In a while, but this is the best place. Have anyone ever seen a 1/2" WB Korean War ribbons? Thanks.
  19. Hello All, I have been trying to restore some uniforms and a questions came up. Looked up on the internet, but could not find an answer. The American Campaign medal award criteria is as follows: "The official criteria are: A) The American Campaign Medal was awarded to personnel for service within the American Theatre between 7 December 1941 and 2 March 1946 under any of the following conditions. (1) On permanent assignment outside the continental limits of the United States. (2) Permanently assigned as a member of a crew of a vessel sailing ocean waters for a period of 30 days or 60 n
  20. Hello everyone. This jacket is on eBay. There are two vets with same initials listed on ancestry, one WWII and another Korean War era. I was wondering if this would have been issued after WWII or During Korean War era? Thanks in advance
  21. Hello all, I came accross this patch on eBay. This is quite different than what you normally see, a castle with unit insignia. I was able to figure out it was army corps of engineers. But couldn't find any other information about the patch and what their role was compared to other army engineers assigned to other fighting units. Could someone please enlighten me? This is all I found. http://www.usarmypatches.com/WW1%20A-Z.htm Thanks in advance.
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