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  1. Dear fellow collectors, I am in the process of restoring to Seabee uniforms. I’m trying to make them as accurate as possible. One uniform came with the “CB” diamond patch on the left cuff. The other one, from the 61st construction battalion, came with the CB patch on the left shoulder. However, this has the ghost of the “CB” cuff patch that has been removed. Does anyone know if the sailers were supposed to wear Only “CB” cuff patch or the SSI and not both? Which is worn when? Id appreciate any guidance anyone can provide. Thank you in advance.
  2. Does anyone know the meaning of casualty code "SS"?
  3. Gentlemen, Thank you very much for Your comments.
  4. Gentlemen, Thank you very much for your comments. I hope to post the two unifoms once I've completed the restoration.
  5. Dear fellow collectors, I recently acquired two beautiful WWII AAC uniforms thanks to members of this forum. Trying to restore the uniforms, I have two questions: 1. One of the officers is listed in official AAC documentation as Bombardier/Navigator. In his last mission, during which he was killed, he was listed as the Navigator. Which wings should I use; navigator, bombardier or both? Has anyone ever seen a legitimate uniform with multiple wings? 2. The second uniform is an enlisted flight engineer of 5th AAF. When is the engineer sleeve insignia supposed to be worn versus wearing the f
  6. Jeremiah, According to the guy selling it, the family has kept it after the marine was KIA. I'm a little confused, I'm trying to find out if 1942/43 was the year this was issued, manufactured or something else? I have also seen contract dates on uinforms by college hall fashions. Thanks.
  7. Hello all, There are contract/QM years stamped on Usmc service blouses. My question is simple, what does that date mean? Is it the year contract was executed, uniform manufactured or uniform issued? The reason for asking is that there is a 1942/43 stamped uniform that supposedly belonged to a marine who was KIA in September 1942. Thank you to all.
  8. Thanks guys. I bought this for a paramarine uniform. I was a little concerned becuase both the left and the right where the wings connect to the parachute, the edges doesn't seems to be "bumpy".
  9. Hello all, I saw these jump wing s on eBay and wasn't wondering about the authenticity of it. I would really appreciate your input. Thanks.
  10. I'm hoping that I can get some help with these ribbons as well. 1. 2. 3. 4. Thanks to everyone for their help.
  11. Thanks everyone. Pardon my ignorance, but can someone please explain about the "white stabilizer in the back"? I'm assuming that khaki base is the base fabric that the embroidery was done. I'll do the black light test tonight and update. Thanks a lot.
  12. Hello all I picked up this raider patch along with the paramarine patch recently. I wanted to get opinions about the authenticity of this patch. Patch does not glow, the white stitching seems to be yellowing and is very flexible, not stiff. I would appreciate Any assistance. Thanks.
  13. Hello all I picked up this paramarine patch recently. I wanted to get opinions about the authenticity of this patch. Looks like there is some glue residue in the back. Patch is very flexible, not stiff. I would appreciate Any assistance. Thanks.
  14. Hello all, Could someone please help me identify this wolf brown ribbon? Thanks in advance
  15. TLeo may be right. It may have been done that way in some instances. I have a first award presentation letter that came in the service file saying "forwarded with a star". I found this http://www.amervets.com/replacement/puc.htm#isr According to that "NAVY/MARINE/COAST GUARD: Additional awards of the Presidential Unit Citation are denoted by Bronze and silver stars three-sixteenths of an inch in diameter. Subsequent award of the Presidential Unit Citation are currently denoted by bronze stars three-sixteenths of an inch in diameter; a silver star three-sixteenths of an inch in diame
  16. Collar disks. I was very surprised that there were no bids at all. I always wanted one. Oh well. Too Late now.
  17. Hello all Did anyone see the wwi uniform listed on eBay (item 131936422911)? I saw it before it ended, but didn't know enough about it so bid low. It sold for $130. Was that an authentic patch and a good jacket? Did I make a mistake?
  18. I'm sorry to rehash an issue. But according to the few things I have seen, the first award is just the pic ribbon, subsequent awards are stars. That's consistent with award practices of other medals. Can an expert please confirm? Thanks.
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