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  1. Turns out he picked up the flag at at yard sale in Seattle. Oh well.
  2. I will see what I can do. The guy I got from's Dad was in the navy so that would be a good guess. I can't remember what he did. Thanks for the advice all, I have it in a plastic tote right now but I need to get some backup to help fold it up. Plus wait for a windless day which here in Idaho is few and far between. Not to mention earthquakes and everything else. "oh bother"
  3. Acquired this flag recently and am not quite sure how to care for it. Flag is kind of dirty but not super bad. What are the best ways to take care of it? Wish I had a flag pole to fly it on but mine is kind of small. Sorry about the pics but the wind was blowing and the grandkids couldn't control the flag very well!! Thanks for any help
  4. D'oh!! I have an 81mm mortar and didn't even think to look at it. Guess I was thrown off by the lack of fins. This group also had some large fragments that looked to be from an 81mm. Had the rings around it and also a base from a smaller mortar that still had some of the fins attached. Thanks again all!!!
  5. Bought this British made m1923 belt off Craigslist. Belt is in very good condition with markings on both ends and the middle strap. But when opening the pouches there were no straps in any of them. And no evidence that there ever was. The pouches do have the male end of the snaps though. Any thoughts on if it is a one of thing or has anyone seen it before?? Thanks
  6. Bought this on ebay with some various shrapnel pieces. I can see a very faint "lot" on the base but that is it. Any ideas what it is?? Thanks
  7. I just picked up this partial belt of WW2 dated 50 cal blanks at a local auction and already had 3 that are head stamped 82. Can anyone explain the difference in why the 82 dated ones are crimped and have the different linkage? I am not at all familiar with the type of links on the newer ones. I do have some 20mm links that appear the same also. Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. Can't seem to find this exact style belt searching. Any help is appreciated. Has klick it style snaps and interior divider straps. No markings on it anywhere that I can see. Leather hanger is riveted. Nothing on the brass.
  9. Is this an 03 stock? Seller said that his Dad had the whole rifle but that he sporterized it. I did not see the sporterized rifle. Thanks in advance.
  10. Picked this up recently and can't seem to find much info on them. This was made by Johansen but I can't quite make out if the date is '44 or '45 since it is in the seam. Is there any photographic evidence of these being used in WW2?
  11. Here are some of the earlier slugs that were acquired at an auction. And another of the first belt that is nearly finished.
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