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  1. Next is a recent acquisition from Mr Klima. Named to a Mozier, nothing on him yet. Net has been on long enough to leave a shadow.
  2. My two netted helmets that are original. First up is named to a Lt Pesce. So far I have not found anything on who he was.
  3. I forgot all about GI Joe. Been a long time ago.
  4. Nothing else is printed on the boxes. Just what is in the pictures.
  5. Just for reference a taped follow me I uncovered on a helmet.
  6. Was GI Joe still used during the Vietnam era? I agree that would make sense for the era. But most Nam helmets had covers.
  7. Have several boxes of .45 ball ammo that is Frankford Arsenal 1935 dated. Are these desirable as a WW2 collectible? Boxes are not in the best of shape but all but one is still sealed shut, all are FA lot 716. Any ideas on the value of a box? Thanks!!
  8. Thanks DCcollector. It's the only one I have seen so I will hang onto it. .
  9. Thanks for the replies. This is all new to me.
  10. It is a Bowie point. Senior moment in forgetting to show a picture of the tip!! Thanks for the info.
  11. Last trip to the surplus store and this popped up out of a very small pile of helmets. Not the best but I am happy. Price was right too. When I first saw it I thought there was a layer of OD over all the crosses and the graffiti was on that. But the crosses and graffiti are all the top layer. Any thoughts on the white stripe in front? Appears to be a name on it but I can't make it out.
  12. The third of the recent finds I acquired. I figured out it is a 3rd pattern Fairbarn-Sykes and the scabbard is not original. Other than that I know nothing about these. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. And another find is this Geneva Forge MK1. Is this scabbard correct for this knife? I assume these would only be used by the Navy and Marines? Scabbard has a little artwork on it and appears notched. The father of the man I got these from was in the Merchant Marine.
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