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  1. Thanks, gents, for the good info. Very glad to have a consensus on the disc's authenticity.
  2. Wyatt- Yes, it is thin and the back does appear to be a brown coloring.
  3. Would appreciate your thoughts on this disc. Real? Repro? Thanks. mccooper
  4. Bob- Thanks for sharing. Your Foggia unifiorm is more than special! Great collection. mccooper
  5. Recently acquired an occupation souvenir from the American Forces in Germany (AFG). J.L. Mull, Co. H was in Selters, Germany. 1919-1920. The 8th Regiment was detached from the 8th Division and became the majority of the AFG according to Al Barnes in his fine book "In A Strange Land." In 1923, after the Occupation the 8th was reassigned to the 4th Division. Cannot find much on the 8th in Germany, and would appreciate it if anyone could provide info on Doughboy Mull. Thank you. mccooper
  6. Found a website which fearured German comments about the occupation Doughboys. Many were complimentary. This one I found interesting - think you might also. mccooper I cannot understand the general desire of the American soldier for the “Gott mit uns” belt buckles and the German Iron Crosses…I alone have sold more Iron Crosses to American soldiers than the Kaiser ever awarded to his subjects Fianale Fappen, novelty shop owner in Neuenahr
  7. aznation- Thanks for the good information. Interesting to see how the program changed after the war. Here is a photo ID'ed as the 41st Base Hospital. mccooper
  8. Have collected the WWII V-Disc for some years; the program was developed and implemented to provide music as a morale booster for our troops worldwide. However, in the "nothing new under the sun" category, recently learned that a similar program was developed in WWI by the Phonograph Records Recruiting Corps. It sought used ("slacker") records and Victrolas to be sent to US camps and the troops overseas - as a moral booster. Country Life At War, Vol. 35, has a small story about this project, but would appreciate any further info you may have.Neat story. mccooper
  9. One of my occupation uniforms is an 89th division artillery, with a C over the red center of the W. In checking the forum for a description, I found two: battery or 341st FA. Just received a copy if the 341st FA unit history. Below is the cover of the book. Also, the endpapers all have the C over red, and the same emblem is at the bottom of each numbered page. Have changed my inventory description to read 341st FA. mccooper
  10. Just ran into this thread looking for some info on the 339th. The North Russia Transportation Corps (NRTC) was made up of railroad engineer volunteers from France, and sent to Murmansk in March of 1919. They left in July of 1919. Lt. Victor E. Frincke was a member of the 168th Company, NRTC. Below is the officer group listed in the unit history, taken from my copy. It is my understanding (very possibly incorrect) that the "skinny" bear patch was worn by NRTC personnel. Another respondent to this thread mentioned that his relative who wore this patch was an engineer. We do know that Frincke was
  11. After years of looking, finally was able to acquire a copy of a WWI poster entitled "Our Soldiers In Siberia!" This poster features the U.S. soldiers of the Siberian Intervention. One of their assignments was to aid the Czech Legion in their journey back to the Western Front. I believe the artist to be August Petrtyl, a Chicago artist of Slovak origin. He was a member of the Chicago Palette and Chisel Club, and their president in 1906. They are still active today; their mission was and is to encourage and promote American art. I have contacted them about this poster, but have not yet had a res
  12. aznation- Incredible! Thank you for making my day. With all the info now at hand, I feel like Erhart is an old Army buddy. mccooper
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