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  1. I think it was fortunate for me that the estate sale workers may not have dug the uniforms out of the storage shed until later in the day. My unknown predecessor / nemesis must have gone straight for the low hanging fruit and popped smoke.
  2. Found at nearby estate sale from a JAG officer. By the time I got off work it seems most of the headgear, all the ribbons and insignia had already been ganked. On the upside it looks like a few of these patches were in theater made. I came away with one jungle jacket, about four full sets of OG103s a Brigadier General's sateen shirt, two generals rank service dress uniforms w visor cap, two or three field grade officer's service dress uniforms and two mess dress general's jackets, one summer and one winter. Also a sweet duffle bag with airborne emblems painted on.
  3. Thank you. So it seems that the laminated card and the patch go together.
  4. I found something similar here: https://fotw.info/flags/vn-ndpfv.html, but the star is the wrong color.
  5. Wow. Great info! That was the only patch in the box of goods that I bought, and I was thinking it was from the North because of the imagery. Thanks so much for the input!
  6. I didn't know if I should put this in the bring back section or not but I really don't know what these three items are from. One of my friends bought a box of military gear from a vet who to the tour in vietnam. There were a couple of VC flags and some period us gear for example. The things that perplex me include this card, which I believe identifies as a military exercise card. There's a patch that I don't recognize as a US patch and it looks like what world war II collectors call a bevo weave. In addition is this torn flag that is neither NVA nor is it VC.
  7. Ohhhh yeah! Makes me think of the McPeak era. Thank God I got out before they made us buy the airline pilot class A's.
  8. The stamps, buttons and stitching would have fooled me. Sometimes hard to tell from colors on monitor.
  9. Thank you for posting that! I had some more information on him, but I'm still looking for the documents.
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