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  1. Ohhhh yeah! Makes me think of the McPeak era. Thank God I got out before they made us buy the airline pilot class A's.
  2. The stamps, buttons and stitching would have fooled me. Sometimes hard to tell from colors on monitor.
  3. Thank you for posting that! I had some more information on him, but I'm still looking for the documents.
  4. The 109th belonged to the Bloody Bucket: The 28th Infantry Division, which was torn up in the Hurtgen Forest.
  5. It was a complete grouping, from burial flag, notification letters, purple heart in original shipping box, and some photos.
  6. I've had this for almost a year, but have not been active on the forum lately because of work demands. I rediscovered it the other day not long after I had been reconnecting to the forum, and thought this was too cool not to share. My brother and I have a consignment store in SC that specializes in hunting, fishing and outdoor sports, but also have a selection of antiques, collectibles, and military surplus / collectibles. One day a couple came by wanting to sell some things they had inherited that didn't mean too much to them, but they were hoping they'd find a home with someone who appreciated them more. Among the things they brought was this amazing Purple Heart grouping, including the burial flag and all correspondence. I wasn't in when they came by, but they left the items for us to look at and said that they'd be back in a day or so, and exchanged contact information. After seeing the items the next day, I called and asked them if they were sure this was something they wanted to part with. They assured me that the medal and all associated items were from a distant relative they had never met, and they weren't much into military things anyway. I told my brother to purchase the estate when they returned.
  7. I think a son or grandson painted the Odell names on the inside of the helmets. When I first saw the name and "WWI", I thought it was cheesy, until I saw the son's name in the second helmet.
  8. Mine is part of a father / son pair. It belonged to a Cpl. Robert E. Odell, 5th Marine Regimental Clerk
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