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  1. I need a mental health month. Nice pick ups!
  2. Spectacular indeed. You don't find Bolos for 20 bucks often. Deals like that are what keep us hunting.
  3. I worked in Kuwait for almost 6 years as a civilian contractor (mechanic). The few camps in Kuwait had contracted security at the gates. The company contracted for security hired Americans and third country nationals, mostly Indian. Only the Americans were armed. There sole duty was to guard to gates, inspect/search vehicles inbound and out bound, and check IDs. Similar to the civilian police and security that were working the gates at fort hood for some years. I don't recall every here that any of these individuals fires there weapons in defense of their post. I do recall in 2004 Kuwait had some active threats. One morning in line at the inbound gate draw their weapons on a vehicle. Never found out why.
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