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  1. I have had this Mills cartridge belt hanging in the closet and every time I open the door I am staring right at these markings with no clue what they are!! There are two sets of markings, one set on one end, 77 Z YY and the other more in the center, 840. I will post some photos.
  2. Yes it is an original Rupert that I bought from a collector in England years ago, complete with original parachute. I was wondering if anyone would spot it !!!!! Douglas
  3. Here is a photo of the redesigned base. The box that is attached to the base is tall enough that there is hardly any wiggle to the upright.
  4. Here is a photo of the wooden uniform stands that I have been using since 1980. The heads are from Webster, male, flesh tone. On the original design of the stands I attached the upright 2x2 to the base. Recently, Don of Hutchins Custom Woodworking helped me redesign the stands so that the uprights and the bases detach so they don't take up as much space when traveling to a presentation. The shoulders are made of a 3/4 by 3 1/2 attached with a carriage bolt, so that the board can be moved vertical when traveling. The heads are attached using a one inch dowel glued to the top of the u
  5. Another photo of the two hour presentation:
  6. On June 6th, for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, I put on a small display and presentation for the local historical society. Douglas
  7. One of the guys just sent me a screen shot from the movie. The squadron is the 486th, (of the 340th bomb group, 57th bomb wing). The squadrons of the 340th painted the last number of the squadron and a letter to designate each aircraft, ie, 6A on the tail. 6A was a real B-25 flying missions from Corsica bombing targets in Italy, mostly at the Brenner Pass. Correct nose art would be the Sahara Sue II. If I can remember, there were about 700+ German flak guns in that narrow pass, a tremendous amount of flak to fly through. Douglas
  8. Hi, It has been my experience that some places sell "Acid Free" storage/display items and they are very suspect. There are several companies that the experts use, of course a little more expensive than the junk, but worth it. I would recommend: University Products (universityproducts.com) Douglas
  9. So, A decision was made to remake the classic Catch 22, with George Clooney, to be released sometime in May 2019 on HULU. I think around May 17th. There is a short trailer that has been released on Youtube "Catch-22 Teaser (Official)". It will be interesting to see what the remake will be. Many of the squadron members never liked the original. But, those in charge did make contact with the members to ask questions and get advice, so that was good. The wing/squadron conference and dinner will be this September, so I know I will get plenty of opinions on the remake. I
  10. and a photo of Charles and myself all dressed up for a squadron dinner.
  11. Group Photo taken in front of the Memorial, Stalag Luft 111. Charles C. Huppert Shot down 1943, North Africa, passed away 2010 at age 91 The book "Sage" by Jerry Sage gives information on Charles at the camp. Davy Jones and wife, Jann_Neen. He was the pilot of plane #5 of the DoLittle Raid, later shot down over North Africa and sent to Luft 111. Passed away in 2008 at age 94. Bertram "Jimmy" James and wife Madge. British pilot shot down over the Netherlands, 1940. Ended up in Luft 111 and was one of those who escaped, #39. But was captured and sent to Sachsenhausen Concentrati
  12. Photo showing the digging down to the bottom of tunnel "Dick". Charles said they found many objects, including pieces of KLIM cans used together as air vents.
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