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  1. WWII Impressions is the way to go for any repro US uniforms and equipment. I can't say enough good stuff about their products.
  2. The Hollywood adapter sold by Atlantic Wall Blanks looks good on the rifle and comes with three different restrictors with the adapter so you could play with it and figure out which one works best.
  3. Are the ribbons original to the jacket? Its somewhat odd that there is an American Defense and Victory medal, but no campaign ribbons. The campaign ribbons would have at least helped to narrow it down.
  4. I carried a Tan commercial aid bag for a couple years, followed a Camelback ACU assault bag with a commercially made insert to make it into an aid bag, and then finally switched to just a plain ol' assault pack.
  5. That sure is a beautiful patch. Congrats on the find. Good things happen to those that wait I suppose
  6. Well after seeing this picture the only thing I could wish to say if this uniform came up on eBay is, "Mine."
  7. I was scrolling through some pictures of WWII corpsman and I found an interesting picture attached to an obituary. He is wearing a US Marine forest green uniform as was authorized for corpsman, but what I find interesting is that in place of the EGA on his collar he is wearing Navy Officer cap badges and they do not appear to be subdued. Furthermore its interesting because he's not an officer. Has anyone else seen something like this and have pictures of it?
  8. I suppose in putting together this impression, I will have to leave my Army mindset behind of having all my equipment issued to me... and having to have 3 - 4 bags to carry it all.
  9. During my time as a combat medic (2008 - 2014) we never used the M3 bag for the purposes of a field medical bag. I know my unit had a stock of them that we used as combat life saver bags. I would take a stocked M3 bag and stage it in whatever vehicle was going to be my evac vehicle on the range, but I would never carry it around with me on ruck marches or anything of that sort. Recently a lot of medics have been using what is sometimes referred to as the M9 bag, but frankly a lot of us do our best to utilize space on our body armor and will just use a standard assault pack to carry larger items or extra items (you don't want to be the guy carrying the different bag... makes you a target). Hope that helps a little bit.
  10. I enjoyed reading the article. I have always been an internet collector and seldom go to shows. When I started collecting, I had access to the internet and eBay, but I also had parents that were not interested in such things and so while they would help me with eBay because that was easy to do and didn't require them to walk around a show all day. I can see how SPR and BoB effected the militaria market, but that being said I only see them as blips in the longevity of collecting. Those that saw the movies and decided to collect at that point frankly probably did not stick around the market long enough to buy a long term effect on it. If anything their short term effect would be a sudden elevation of price that would then suddenly decline once they have left the market. In my experience the reenactors that get into because of SPR and BoB generally join the "elite" type of units but also generally don't invest much in the impression and likewise don't invest much if anything into their collections.
  11. Hey all, I hope this is the right place to post this. I am hoping to put together a a full WWII Seabag to include the uniforms, personal items, and any other issue items. My question here today is I have been able to find to the uniform contents that would go into the seabag, but I cannot find anything else beyond that. I want to have all the issue equipment as well as personal items that sailors commonly carried with them as they walked up gang plank to get underway on a DE or DD. Any suggestions where to look for this information?
  12. I'm reading a book that has probably passed through the hands of most of you, "The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors."
  13. I think for the price they ATF HBTs are good. That being said if you wanted to most accurate (and most durable) I would just spend the money to pick up a set from WWII Impressions.
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