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  1. Nice man how many helmets do you have all together.
  2. THANKS!!! I ended up finding a set now just need to get the od velcro U.S.ARMY tape and od velco Sargent rank and I already got those coming in. Will post an up date when I get the small display put together.
  3. Were do you guys find these amazing helmet, I really want some combat/soldier used helmets!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
  4. In the 3rd picture what is the budgie cord used for? Was it used to retain a strobe of some kind?
  5. Great looking helmet I picked one up last summer similar to this one. I traded my friend who is a collector for a never used ach that he got offline, I use the new helmet when I go shooting with friends at the range.
  6. Do any of you have od green 101st airborne patches with velcro backing? If so I'm willing to pay for it, because I'm making an early 101st airborne acu display. And if you know some where I can purchase the patches.
  7. Sorry knocking this thread off track with a some stupid post, but my big question is, were do you all obtain and get your helmets, and whats usually the price range, 4 out of the 5 helmets I have ether traded friends for stuff, or were given to me, thanks and again sorry for knocking things off track.
  8. I'll put some photo's up in the next couple of days.
  9. It did come with pants and 2 type of identification cards.
  10. Very NICE!!! helmet wish I didn't sell my SDS helmet used in OEF, it was one salty helmet like yours.
  11. Was $20 dollars to much for a Marine Marpat uniform, that is named?? Will take any opinions. Thanks~Randy
  12. Hmmm pretty cool looking but like what everyone else is saying something just doesn't look right with it.
  13. I really want to get a LWH for my collection soooo bad but there just so expensive, I also want to get another PASGT because the one I had wasn't named to anyone or salty practically new so I traded it off for a very salty MICH2000 with reversible cover from 3 color desert to woodland, I was happier with the SDS MICH2000, and can you guys help me find a cheap LWH its hard to buy one when your only 16 years old and don't have a great job. Thanks Randy.Y
  14. I mean I know the difference between the PASGT nvg mount and the ACH/MICH nvg mount because I have both helmets, but the nvg mount of the from of the helmet looks as if it is bent or if it has been hit hard on something.
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