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  1. Great score! What did you use to strip the paint back? I've read a few topics on here and am just curious. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Last weekend I decided to take a walk through an antique co-op about 20 minutes from my town. After walking through stalls for an hour and a half empty handed, I came across a bucket of canteen sets minus cups for less than $10 a piece. While the majority of them were mismatched stuff, I found a 1918 canteen in a ww2 pouch and purchased it. When I got it home, I found a name and address engraved on the side. The canteen belonged to Frederick "Fritz" Cronauer of Wellsville NY. He was a technical sergeant in G company, 39th infantry, and a balloon rigger in the ETO. Wounded in April of 1945 i
  3. I received Red Platoon by Clint Romesha for Christmas, and finished it within a day because the story telling by Romesha is amazing. Romesha describes the events leading up to and including the Taliban's attempt to overrun COP Keating in 2009. His descriptions are vivid and precise and I particularly like how he doesn't describe everyone within his Troop as motivated and professional warriors called to war by a deep sense of patriotism and duty. You will read about terrible leadership calls and stupid things a private will do that puts unnecessary complications into a tic. He holds no false t
  4. Bob, You can get custom tapes done at websites like Ranger Joes or Quartermasters. I ordered from there when outfitting an interpreter overseas. Hope this helps. Regards, Josh
  5. E-3 in the Army is Private First Class. E-2 is PV2 or Private Second Class. While it's the same enlisted rank, I think a Lance Corporal is more equivalent to the Army's Specialist E-4 in responsibility. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. Bob, I can affirm all the above. From 07-2013 I was never issued a bayonet. They were kept around in garrison, but i never even had training with them in OSUT. The most common thing you'd see is the issued multitool attached to the vest or a small private purchase pocket knife attached to molle loops by the clips. Josh
  7. Thank you for the comments. If greek, then I'm assuming this would've been something for lend lease during the cold war? I've tried finding photographs to compare, will have to continue to look. Thank you! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. thank you gents for the information. This helmet just got a lot cooler for me, not that it wasnt already to begin with!
  9. Here are photos of the helmet in natural sunlight and the straps sorted out. Hope this helps and any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the very long delay in the reply. Several photos to follow. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, it's pretty rough. I saw the fixed bails and after seeing a $30 tag I wasn't going to walk out without it.
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