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  1. I have a pair and I like them. The jacket is pretty much close to Orig. the trousers the side pockets are a little shorter in length then orig.
  2. Would anyone know who shells the best repop type 1 M1 carbine band?
  3. If it was me. I would hold onto the 1911A1. Good luck with the trade!
  4. I know sailors on board subs during the war had beards. Would anyone know if sailors were aloud to sport a beard on land and also on ships?
  5. I found this badge at a local flea market on vacation. Badge is marked with Security Police on the front. Back of the badge is marked U.S. Govt. Property. It appears to have a hanger on it for a pocket. Was wondering if this is a 1960's badge?
  6. Yes water will do the trick. I put helmet cover on the helmet 1st. I use a helmet band and pull tight and place liner in. Then I wet the helmet cover while its on the helmet. It will then mold to the helmet.
  7. Went to the show Sunday, I had a blast. For some reason it did not seem packed to me. Weather was great. I did notice more people hanging out in the Airport parking lot watching the planes go by. Any chance to get a p38 next year? (not the can opener)
  8. Would anyone have a photo of what a 1960's foot locker layout would look like?
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