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  1. Weld and grind it down? If you spot weld from top down it should pull it together
  2. I've been going to the flea market pretty regularly this past summer, mostly for vintage automotive/gas and oil pieces as that is one of my new interests but this pack i found last week definitely gave me the military collecting bug again. I took some advice I got from a local collector who frequents the same flea market as me to get their as early as possible, and I did and caught someone taking this pack out of their van. I asked them about it and they wanted a very fair price for it so I brought it home thinking nothing of it then I posted it on the forums Facebook page on the off chance th
  3. Jackets look good to me, proper aging etc. helmet looks like an ATF repro to me
  4. Hey Ken, Its been a while since ive read this post or been on fr that mater. I gotta say, the 75th anniversary of D-Day looked phenomenal. A yank really appreciates what you guys do over there. Dave
  5. You are correct, Thanks for sharing with me. Really fantastic reminder of the forgotten.
  6. Great post, Thanks for remembering. That collar disc is an incredible find
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