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  1. For anything white metal the key to a long life and good looks long after assembly is in the cleaning and for assembly pinning . Cleaning ; after clean up with a scalpel and emery paper I always scrub white metal models with a house hold scouring powder such as Ajax or Vim . clean with an old tooth brush and cool water . The metal will dull to a mid grey colour, this is ideal . Pinning ; If you have a pin vise and a drill bits great if not they can be bought for around $15-20 , drill a hole part way into the casting (I like to use a .5 bit as its easiest to get the .5 rod for me) and drill
  2. Its an early A-11A as deonted by the Elastic nape instead of the strap and buckle on the nape . The elastic would be used as the mod to " A11A" standard . Other than that its no different to a standard A-11. There's usually a red ink stamp stating "A-11A" usually just about the vicinity of the label on the chammy lining . A-11A's production ran concurrently with the normal production. and was an attempt to make production simpler . Awsesome lid wouldn't mind that myself . ​
  3. Do You mean the Styrofoam liners ? if so the APH ones are the most difficult to find however due to the cut out for the " pig tail " (Navy version ) army APH a bit different again . the HGU ones are available from Flight helmet.com along with the SPH series . you could always go for a V-Tec or one of the custom made liners as per Protection inc offered. for the latter its down to trawling eBay or again try giving Flight helmet.com a call and telling them what your requirements are .
  4. LB the Skylook out lenses when packaged individually do all seem to have Navy contracts don't they ? I do have it on pretty good authority they were designed to be available under the AN standardisation to "Air Gunners" though . So maybe AAF and USN .
  5. Thanks Phantom , Yes the mask was all but brand new in it's box (mic already fitted ) so I doubt it's been used much if at all ?
  6. Here's one coupled with an AAF C Type with taped cups .
  7. Just noticed this thread Great photos , LB that could be a B-8. There's an actual photo of the B-8 Winter Helmet in the instruction sheet of A-10R Masks. its rare helmet indeed . a "hybrid" between the B-6 and a AN-H-16 .
  8. Julien , I wouldn't worry too much about the ANB-H-1 earphones R-14's were largely being replaced by around mid 43 however there's photos of Aircrew wearing R-14 receivers and PL-54 cord (HS18 headset ) quite late . I have personally seen and handled scores of mid-late A-11 and AN-H-15 Helmets with them fitted that I have no doubt are original . As LB said Juliets (head harness) are quite common too if being worn with a Crusher cap or similar headwear, especially those found with the issue kit for the A-9 & A-10 standard O2 masks . I had an A-14 with head harness (not a US Navy one as i
  9. That's a nice one Paul ! love the name tag !
  10. I Did matey Mine came from Herefordshire in the UK .
  11. Thought I'd post some photos of Mine to LB
  12. I realise this is a little late Phil , but only just seen this post . Franco is quite correct ,however the A-10A was issued and used along side the A-14 and issued as substitute standard . The oxygen manuals of the day state that the A-10A will still be used as functionally it is identical to the A-14 . The A-14B in simplest terms has a re-designed Mic pocket .
  13. Thanks dabreeze , I have the other types of B-8's too but these threw me somewhat . as in the generally accepted B-8 "Genus" they shouldn't exist . They must fit somewhere in the B-8 family . In particular the stock number info on the box ,it looks almost like a DSA number in form and I just wanted to know if these were definitely Wartime Goggles ?
  14. I know this is resurrecting an old thread somewhat (understatement) , but do We have a definitive answer on these "Hybrid" Goggles? I now know of 4 pairs the two on this thread ,a friend has a pair and I do. Mine are marked B-8's on the frame and Goggles M-1944-B-8 on the box But that stock code looks very modern are these Goggles Wartime ? any help appreciated ,thanks. Nige.
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