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  1. Huh, now that is something I've never heard of. Sounds like it would work pretty well to give that crisp, uniform appearance that DIs and DSs love so dearly. Seems like it would go in line with some of the more jacked DIs I saw and then later when I got to the fleet, the gym rat guys trimming the sleeves of their garrison cammies so that when they rolled them, they'd end up a lot thinner, tighter, and cleaner looking. Of course, now that we don't roll our sleeves in garrison anymore, that's basically a set of wasted cammies for them
  2. I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong someone, that back then they used blousing straps (or boot bands, which are pretty similar) in much the same way that the US Armed Forces does today. I think every branch uses these to blouse their utilities nowadays. Blousing Straps Boot Bands (I've heard them referred to as 'Trouser Twisties' by the Brits ) Essentially, you make a fold or two at the bottom of the trouser, and then tuck that fold underneath the band, keeping the bottom of the pant around the top of the boot, and maybe an eyelet or two down. This creates a uniform, crisp
  3. It's to denote that the gun has been chronographed by the field staff, to ensure it isn't shooting too hot. Not sure why we had our sleeves rolled, it was honestly a chilly day.
  4. Gotta wear eye protection for airsoft. Definitely didn't want to lose our eyes.
  5. Just made a small purchase on eBay, mostly to get a cheap belt and canteen for the collection, and it came bundled with this pouch on the right: Anybody have an idea on what it could be? Once I get it I will show off if it has any dividers and it's attachement method, but for now I'm guessing it's some sort of utility pouch or something.
  6. I've been doing a generic US Infantry '80s kit for the past couple of years off and on at the airsoft field I work at, mostly because I think it's just cool looking. Saying it's an '80s kit might be a bit of a misnomer though, and it's probably more accurate to say it's more of a mid-90's kit, mostly because of the non-issued Blackhawk suspenders. Me on the right, my buddy with his SAW and showing off his ALICE SAW Pouches From the front, in action From the rear, showing the more ancient pieces in the kit, including the M56 buttpack, black leather .45 holster, and claymore
  7. I remember firing SAWs at some range last summer before I left the Marines. For some reason, they still wanted us to attempt the magazine trick in them. Jammed every other shot and took about a minute each time to clear out the 4 or 5 rounds attempting to go into the breech at the same time. Great LMG otherwise.
  8. The radio pouch may be a reference to the one that comes with the current Arc'teryx ILBE pack that is being phased out, the one with the woodland pattern (being changed out for the new Eagle Coyote Brown ones). If I remember correctly, they come with a pouch on the inside of the main compartment for carrying a PRC.
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