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  1. Picked this little gem up at the Civil War show in Marietta Ga yesterday. I haven't done any research on the vet bc i really dont know how to research WW1 vets online. -John
  2. hmmm lets see it i can zoom in on the pic. Thanks for the input!
  3. The liner is a Firestone I think couldn't really tell the light wasn't that great. Also, looks to be a McCord Shell
  4. Hey All, this helmet was offered to me by a collecting buddy. The helmet doesnt have any provonance other than that he bought it a couple of years ago from another collector. I would love to here everyones thoughts on it before I plunk down a serious amount of cash.
  5. Great looking lids Mike! Is the first one Identified? Thanks for posting I really appreciate it.
  6. I would really like to get my hands on one. What kind of price do you guys think $1800-$2300 ????? But then again I have never even seen a shell just the liners. Are they even out there.
  7. I am interested in seeing if any forum member has an 11th AB stenciled M1 shell. I have seen many 11A/B marked liners but not a marked M1 shell. The following is a pic I found on the internet of a couple of troopers working on a broken down Japanese car. I croped it to show the helmets up close.
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