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  1. Interesting looking ribbon with an Airplane and a star same lot ( a bunch of ribbon bars were in a paper bag )
  2. seems to be more 'handmade' compared to the others
  3. last 1 this grouping ( have a few dozen rank patches from same collection and maybe dozen or so hard pin on uniform ribbons ) never took pics of those ( but I could if you all would like to see them )
  4. Thank you I had looked for these numerous times over the years and found them on a shelf in the garage when I wasn't looking for them ! hahahaha closer up pics:
  5. I found this in my garage just yesterday. I picked it all up about 10yrs ago from a Vets family and forgot where I had stashed it Was nice to stumble back on them so I can research ( maybe with the forums help ) thank you
  6. Thank you very much ... I come and go as far as my interest and time I put into forums. It is easy to get distracted and follow other interests What section should I post these in to get info on this collection ?
  7. Thank you sir for the quick reply That option did allow me to flip flop between 2 options / settings ...I will stick with the 'orange'
  8. I have 1000+ eBay feedback as user name bestbuytickets ( prvious power seller for big $$$ concert tickets years ago ) I came across a large collection of WW2 military patches and pins / medals and wanted to post for info help here and possible connect with members interested in buying my email is target1961@yahoo.com I am checking to see what email I have listed here on my profile also posting pics is always a new trick for each forum ... best link for posting pics ? thank you
  9. Hello to all 1st off ... how can I change the font color for thread titles on the site ?? It is auto set to lite yellow color words on a white background ?? Nearly impossible to read
  10. I acquired a a large collection of British medals via an estate and was wandering a source for research / values - possibly selling some or all of them. obviously this forum is strictly US items best contact for me is target1961@yahoo.com thank you
  11. Thanks ... I thought it was pretty cool also. I will be placing it for sale within the week on this site for those interested.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I don't know as much about eBay as I thought.
  13. I read the auctions. The payment methods listed after the description / text body are kinda screwy ? I am pretty familiar with eBay and I thought auctions are PayPal only - no exceptions ??
  14. This grouping including Purple Heart / Bronze Star etc ... is from a Communications officer with the 905th Field Artillery battalion / 80th division. Includes an awesome scrap book with multiple photos - maps - news paper clippings etc ... of this Vets entire journey step by step bridge to bridge and battle to battle. From his landing on Utah Beach August 3 1944 to the Enemy surrender at 0141 hours on May 7 1945 after directed by the President to cease fire at 1031 hours. At which time they accepted surrender of all elements of 6th German Army north and west of the Enns river. 80th
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