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  1. Interesting looking ribbon with an Airplane and a star same lot ( a bunch of ribbon bars were in a paper bag )
  2. last 1 this grouping ( have a few dozen rank patches from same collection and maybe dozen or so hard pin on uniform ribbons ) never took pics of those ( but I could if you all would like to see them )
  3. Thank you I had looked for these numerous times over the years and found them on a shelf in the garage when I wasn't looking for them ! hahahaha closer up pics:
  4. I found this in my garage just yesterday. I picked it all up about 10yrs ago from a Vets family and forgot where I had stashed it Was nice to stumble back on them so I can research ( maybe with the forums help ) thank you
  5. Thank you very much ... I come and go as far as my interest and time I put into forums. It is easy to get distracted and follow other interests What section should I post these in to get info on this collection ?
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