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  1. Well the day after I posted my last comment I was able to dig up 6 different images of NS medals I had after all my PC crashes and what do you know, my laptop hard drive died! I put an extra drive in hoping it had some stuff on it, nothing, not even Word or Excel! I can not wait for this year to be over! : ( Uggg!
  2. This has the exact same post and nut as my French made 168th Aero Squadron winged skull that ended up in the Massaro collection. IIRC
  3. You didn't break your rule, this one has ONLY existed a couple years and in the NEW shiny version. I am the same way, I prefer the satin look to the chrome look. Still looking for the most recent ones to be added by NASA. So far I have only seen line drawling's of them.
  4. I'll do some digging. Have had a couple of PC crashes in the last few decades loosing all my pics but I may have something hidden away, I hope. Well, the whole "white enamel" may be a tall tale in the end. I have never seen nor have I heard from another individual that actually laid eyes on that unicorn, only the fairy tail. 😢 I guess it is possible it was a sample strike, that would make sense. Later being modified for production due to cost or unapproving feedback. Now my hunt begins! 😅
  5. Yes, its one of my favorites and I have a few myself. You have a nice early striking, heavy with the slightly imperfect enamel and sewn broach. For a brief time the medal became obsolete. It seemed to have been revived sometime in the 90's when I wasn't looking. The modern strikings are virtually perfect with perfect enamel work which seem almost plastic and fake, to me anyway. I think of it as the "spy" medal because the information on it is virtually non existent for the more then 30 years I have had mine. Even the Wiki page was only created in 2009. But it seems it was presented t
  6. Fantastic, thanks for sharing!
  7. Wow, that's the first Flt Eng by Assman I have seen!
  8. The "sterling" mark is actually stamped in after the fact and not part of the casting process, which is typical on sterling made castings. The seller has been notified of his error and was thankful. He also stated he would pass the information on to the bidder with the option to withdraw the bid. I will be keeping an eye out to see how this turns out. The bidder seems to be a veteran bidder so may want it as a filler anyway.(?) It sure did not take long for the NEW FIND to turn into a NEW COPY. It was a small number of folks that had one of these little gems, IIRC.
  9. Well, just comparing it to the known good there is enough variation in the thickness of many of the letters that I don't like it.
  10. I can't tell if the engraving is actually "part of" the casting or truly "engraved" after manufacturing?
  11. I agree this is an OLD modification with proper age and wear. Neat idea, wonder if more will suddenly turn up?
  12. Great group and history, thanks for sharing!
  13. So she just doesnt like CA so she blocked you, that is just weird! A sale is a sale for crying out loud.
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