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  1. I have never seen that before. I don't know that any company used or uses glue to affix ribbon so I would say custom made as that appears to be the case here.
  2. Just placed my order, can't wait to compare my medal to those in your book! A new ray of sunshine on 2021!
  3. Very nice, congratulations!
  4. What do the edges look like? This should tell us if it is truly die struck or sand cast or something else. Could it be a test strike or did Vanguard truly make aluminum wings?
  5. The clutch post look just like those of some reproduction DI's I had that were made by a man named Kupnick (sp?) or something like that from decades back. The description made me fist think POW made but in looking at your images it just seem to well done to me and not enough oxidation for that. Interesting though.
  6. Beautiful wings, congrats on the collection.
  7. What does the star on the blue field at the bottom signify, rank?
  8. The "Medal for Merit" is one of my favorites, congrats!
  9. I have recently received word that we are moving forward on marking the final resting place of John Otto Siegel with a Medal of Honor (Tiffany Cross) grave marker. The location I provided along with my research finding the location were reviewed and approved by the government. Unfortunately they refused to provide the medal of honor marker due to his dishonorable discharge. However the Medal of Honor Society HAS agreed to pay for and provide the grave marker AND agreed to placing the "Tiffany Cross" version MOH image on the marker itself to distinguish the type awarded. Here is a shot of t
  10. Wow, wow, wow! Truly museum worthy collection! Thanks for sharing Dave, it's one of my all time favorite medals!
  11. This is one of the instances were Cleaning / Polishing an item can completely ruin it. Basically eliminating all the original tarnish / character on a unique piece making it impossible to tell if its good. Making it look brand new when there are no other giveaways to its age. 😒
  12. Yes, that is BS, happened to me b4 as well. There is nothing like the high of getting a super great deal only to be followed up by the super low of getting screwed on that "great" deal! Did anyone get a pic of the wing? And don't forget if you WON the auction you CAN leave NEGATIVE feedback for the contract violation, eBay might even get involved?
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