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  1. Thanks for the input, B229. My tool being a high-quality reproduction does answer a lot of questions. Perhaps if I were to strip off all of the paint (I'm not planning to), there might be a small "JAPAN" stamp somewhere. The cover (non pictured) looks to be original, but I know that the repro tools were often paired with issued covers to lend an air of authenticity. The vendor from which I purchased this advertised it as an issued piece, but in retrospect, they had some other repro items advertised as issued. Oh well, live and learn. I only think I paid around $20-$30 10 years ago. Do
  2. Thanks for the input and comment about the handle. I should add that with the blade fully extended, the overall length of the tool is 28.25 inches. The handle does not appear to have been shortened; the "pommel" end has circular marks from being turned on a lathe. I agree that the construction of the tool seems a little too sturdy for a knockoff, even if it doesn't follow a known pattern.
  3. Trying to figure out what I have here. I bought this entrenching tool with cover about 10 years ago and have been keeping it in the trunk of my car for emergencies (like digging out of snowdrifts while on the road). I have no doubt that the canvas cover is original, but am not so sure about the shovel after taking a closer look. I reviewed the "spot a fake" guide on eBay and several threads here, and notice a few things of concern. -Absence of maker or name under the rather crude "US" stamping on the blade of the shovel (even after scraping away old paint) -Blade of shovel is not "spoo
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