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  1. Hello all. Is this barrel on my Colt the “rare” HP (or PH) perpendicular? For serial numbers 25,001-110,000? The frame is 1918 but this has an early slide and barrel. Anyway, how rare are these barrels and how valuable? I know this isn’t in the what’s it worth, so, please post info here on the barrel but please PM me value. Might sell it and put in a 1918 interlocked HP barrel. thanks!
  2. Thanks for the help guys, keep the ideas coming....
  3. Anybody make their man cave / war room into more of a "study"? I'm in the process of trying to make my war room more like a gentleman's study / library with a military twist. I'm thinking like antique desk, lots of books, gun / sword rack in dark wood, nice bottle of scotch out on a table with some leather chairs, etc, etc Thoughts? Anybody out there do this? Got pics??? Thanks
  4. Despite condition, this seems to be a very rare and desirable early Roby with high probability its one of the 410! Very cool!!
  5. Thanks for the help guys. Yeah, I think I will leave it as is. Do you think this is one of only 410 produced in 1861????? If anybody has any thoughts on value, please shoot me a PM as I know this is not the "whats it worth" forum. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Skip! So, is mine one of only 410 made in 1861??!!! Thanks
  7. Can anyone chime in on this sword? I know its in rough shape, but, if I understand correct its a Pre Contract early 1861 Roby. How rare is this? How many swords were made during the pre contract with this simple marking? Thoughts? Also, leave as is since its rare? Restore it? Thanks!
  8. Prairie flower leather is great! And great to deal with!
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