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  1. Really good idea!! I would concur with being able to slow it down and / or pause it. I like where this idea is headed and I believe would give the community a better feel for the overall look of an item particularly helmets. How many times in discussion have we read "when you look at it overall or when taken in context to the rest of the ..."?
  2. Good evening. We carried our cleaning gear as described by Blacksmith in the butt stock. Marine rifle battalions 80s-90s. I carried extra cleaning gear in a pouch in the flap compartment of my ALICE pack. I imagine everyone's experience will be different by service, time frame, and unit.
  3. My kind of establishment.
  4. Very nice. Fond memories of humping and 81mm base plate for me as well.
  5. To say very impressive is an understatement. WOW
  6. BagmanL6


    Tried it myself. Too easy.
  7. NATO Special Operations Headquarters.
  8. It is still a pack in demand with active duty, hikers, campers, etc. It just wears well. This is the larger one . We used to call it a winter or mountain pack/ruck
  9. You're welcome. You've got it in hand so have a better perspective of the sewing quality.
  10. The stitching on the rank looks "crooked". Leads me to believe hand sewn but am open to other opinions. A possibility is that the rank and patch were hand sewn with dental floss due to a promotion and unit assignment. Simpler to sew through the pocket vice in the pocket to a basic "seamstress" or just did it accidentally.
  11. Nice pickup. You don't come across this style much anymore.
  12. Highly recommend if you are ever at Arlington National Cemetery or DC in general take a tour of the Caisson Platoon Stables. You can't help but leave impressed and motivated. I know one of the farriers who was kind enough to give me a horse shoe. (Please see the Ft Meyer website for base access requirements and stable tour hours. Don't want anyone using my name in vain if they have difficulties.)
  13. Thanks for posting. Interesting piece. Have never seen one.
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