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  1. That's a really good question that I'm embarrassed to say I don't know the answer to.
  2. Utilized quite often on ranges by Cadre, Safety Officers, Instructors, etc. During an assignment at USMC School of Infantry we used white painted helmet bands/ranger bands. I'm sure they've been used for other functions but live fire ranges is certainly one of them.
  3. This may contribute somewhat to the conversation. Direct acquisition from a 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion (now 1st Raider Battalion) plank holder. The desert MarPat has the same sleeve velcro but no velcro for BOS / Name. Nothing sewn on either. (If someone can flip the picture I'd appreciate it. Thanks.)
  4. I think this is a nice and unique grouping. It's hard to find patched flight suits. At least for me. The DCU has a unique combination of Naval Aviator Wings and Scuba Diver Insignia. Throw the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency into the mix and a very unique grouping.
  5. Really good idea!! I would concur with being able to slow it down and / or pause it. I like where this idea is headed and I believe would give the community a better feel for the overall look of an item particularly helmets. How many times in discussion have we read "when you look at it overall or when taken in context to the rest of the ..."?
  6. Good evening. We carried our cleaning gear as described by Blacksmith in the butt stock. Marine rifle battalions 80s-90s. I carried extra cleaning gear in a pouch in the flap compartment of my ALICE pack. I imagine everyone's experience will be different by service, time frame, and unit.
  7. Very nice. Fond memories of humping and 81mm base plate for me as well.
  8. To say very impressive is an understatement. WOW
  9. Tried it myself. Too easy.
  10. NATO Special Operations Headquarters.
  11. It is still a pack in demand with active duty, hikers, campers, etc. It just wears well. This is the larger one . We used to call it a winter or mountain pack/ruck
  12. You're welcome. You've got it in hand so have a better perspective of the sewing quality.
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