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  1. hi, just saw your post, while im sure there are far more learned people on the forum,, this looks like a a very late version of the ERDL patterns, (but then again, the us marines in beruit were issued them as well)..
  2. i hadn't noticed it but you could be right, northcoast,thanks, the edges are merrowed just like army patches. but the colors do seem to match up, the two sqdrn patches are for the 22 airlift SQ, and the other is for the 56th airlft SQ. still trying to figure out what the 3,500 tab could mean though. 'preciate the help.-john.
  3. howdy, everyone, hope this election day eve finds one and all good, anyway,, recently i picked up a few usaf patches from a Lt.Col. among the items were a standard Air Mobility Command patch as well as one with a 3,500 tab bar at the top, plus two C-5 sqdrn patches, and three of her name patches one is a normal brown flight jacket name patch, but there are two others, one is a grey back, with a red border,and name, and white wings, they other is a blue background,with the wings, name and USAF all in grey, i am clueless why.thanks in advance, -john.
  4. i always liked them. they were the first chopper i ever had a ride in, loved it more than ANY roller coaster that i been on, the way they would 'bounce' around in the air was truly great, the black hawk was boring, it just rode the air like a bus, and the sh**hook made too much noise to enjoy.
  5. I picked up one like that once, it had been made by one of the AAF mechanic shops,thought it was 'cool', so i did some research, found out that this AAF mech shop had taken scrap nuts, smoothed them down inside and out,they would engraved whatever the buyer wanted.
  6. i found some "bags" like this once at a vet's sale he told me that they were long pillow cases,
  7. sweet find, from what little i have been able to find out about the radium paint from that era, unless you're gonna be licking the face, you shouldn't have to worry about it.
  8. that canvas bag kind of looks like a four pocket diddy bag.
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