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  1. Thanks guys. I have an early M.43 with the cutter tags as well, though it is a small size, it still fits like about a 38-40.
  2. Picked this up over 20 years ago and it's been in my cedar chest with other uniforms. I'm mainly a helmet and firearm collector. Originally bought it to display, but figured it would look silly with a combat web load out on it, and removing the tags would be criminal So I bought another and put this one away.
  3. 1. 祝 = iwai (celebration, usually referring to the celebration when the man was given the flag prior to going off to war (to boot camp)) 2. 村上 = Murakami (surname of the man who was given the flag) 明 = Akira (the mans given name) 君 = kun (“Mr.” used for young men) 3. 武運長久 = buunchoukyuu ("good luck in the fortunes of war") this is the main slogan. ** written right to left on the flag ** 4. 祈 = ki (a prayer for) 5. the main slogan is repeated 6. 七生報国 = shichishou houkoku (unfailing devotion to ones country)
  4. Big thanks to Eric Q. for translating this hinomaru yosegaki for me! Always liked these as they are very personal to the soldier and were a highly favored US souvenir.
  5. German "camo" helmets have been humped since the 1960s, probably before. Way back then it was "Afrika Korps" "camos" which were popular and a way to make a $20 helmet a $75 helmet. Since the late 80s, and particularly early 90s, German camouflage helmets started breaking away in value from non-camo helmets. Since about the mid 90s the amount of fraud in the creation of "camo" helmets and "SS helmets" has taken off, and so too has the level of skill involved. I've been collecting camouflage German helmets since the 80s. Being able to discern original from fake is a "survival" skill one hones af
  6. I haven't posted it for sale "Broker". The pictures here are lo rez as that is all that is allowed. Here is a picture of the inside. I'd about bet my life on the originality of the helmet. I've been at this a long time, have it in hand, know where it came from, the circumstances of the sale. It's untouched and out of the woodwork, uncleaned.
  7. Very cool to see THE helmet and period pics of it in use. Thanks for posting this.
  8. Thank you Owen, that is very kind of you. Kind regards, HB Admin Notice: I just finished removing all the arguing which had NOTHING to do with this helmet. Please, let this helmet be what this discussion is all about. This is by far an incredible helmet and needs to be discussed as such. - Scott(Bugme)
  9. Thank you Jason. I have some other German bring back 100th ID items. They have a great association website and I was able to ID the vet's service history, unit actions, etc., as well as the medic pics.
  10. And gentlemen, thank you for your input and help. It looks like the medic helmets in the period pic are overpainted as well. As Cesar said, this one in hand was clearly overpainted as it had crosses on the side, which appear overpainted, then the 100th Div. insignia painted over those on the side only, with the front and back crosses either left alone or re-applied. It is a well worn helmet for sure. It has the buckle side original web strap but the hook side has the end torn off with strap remaining. It had no liner with it.
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