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  1. Pacific War Museum for West Papua - Indonesia start up. 




    IMG_7223 copy.jpg

  2. Recovery of a twin mount .50 Browning machine gun from one of the first B-24's wreck that made an successful emergency landing in a remote lagune in the SW Pacific during WWII. Let me know if you wish to know more,.....


  3. Good quality goggles cushions can be found at www.icon-goggles.com
  4. Dear fellow enthusiasts, I am looking for the switches that were mounted on the late yoke type P-38 steering wheel. We are re-creating and also restoring grips, steering wheels and instrument panels for a local museum and are happy to buy or swap. The P/N's we are looking for are P/N 202682 & P/N 202222. We also are looking for the button plug P/N CV129 for a late P-38 yoke. Here below is a picture of one of the panels we re-produced including the correct Decalcomania decals. Pls. reach out if you are able to assist! THANKS!!!
  5. Hello, We are regularly diving 3 different P 47D wrecks and I would like to build a set-up quite like what you are realizing. Can we communicate directly via e-mail or WhatsApp? I have access to quite some WWII wrecks. What I am looking for is a set op peddles like what you have + a stick for a P 47. Wrecks we have are a.o. P-38, P-40, B-25, Betty, Tony, Oscar etc. All on land. While we have several P 47D's in the water I have not yet found a decent one on land. Kind Regards, Max Ammer max@stichting-rarcc.org
  6. Any fellow enthusiast rebuilding a Bell 47? In our case 2 Bell's from 1967. We have parts & manuals and information to swap/trade/sell. Looking forward hearing from you! Kind Regards, Max Ammer
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