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  1. Richard, Thank you and good to hear fro you as well. Have been busy with move to Tennessee and building my home and "farm". I look forward to restoring some GPWs soon. If you have any ideas on the 507th name please let me know.
  2. Its pretty much the only thing that I really collect. The research is enjoyable and challenging. Thanks for taking a gander at it.
  3. O+ eh...smells like moth balls. If anyone is seeing any other interpretation of names or words or can ID the 507th man that would be a great help. Thanks for looking
  4. On a side note, the 17th Airborne Division fought during Operation Varsity which took place on 24 March 1945. The Division trains, those paratroopers and glidermen assigned to the divvisional trains driving the trucks in to link up with the troopers, were stuck on the west bank of the Rhine until the first bridge was built. Perhaps Goodwin or Goodman from the 507th was from the truck convoy and met with the two engineers assigned to build the bridge and he signed their flag.
  5. There are a few more pieces of info that don't make sense and I'll continue to dig. Here's my best guess trace using paint to help decipher.
  6. There are a couple of other thinks that don't make sense. The map appears to be annotated with Captured at Hof Germany by (names). Hof Germany is on the east side of the country near Nurnberg. The 341st History does list the unit as having been at Hof, but on a later date. I'll need to study a map near Wesel to see if another "Hof" turns up. Hof is a german term that was attached to nearly every farmer's compund in the Wesel area. For instanstance, the Joorman family farm was annotated on the Wesel 1:25,000 tactical map dated 1944 as Joormanhof or the Wegeman's as Wegemanhof etc. Perh
  7. There is a nice bold date of 31 Mar 45. Below that date appears another name which makes some sense, it is a trooper from what looks like the 507th AIrborne Infantry of the 17th Airborne Division with the name of something like: D. F. Goodw?? (very hard to tell) but the ranks of S/Sgt is clear.
  8. I am happy to add this bring back relic to my collection. THere's a lot of pending research, but so far I am leaning toward a flag captured by two members of the 341st Engineer Regiment on 31 March 1945. The Regiment sent its 1st Battalion to the Wesel area just after Operation Varsity to assist with the construction of a railroad bridge across the Rhine at Wesel. From the book, "History of the 341st Engineer Regiment" comes the following excerpt: "And then, during the last week in March the First Battalion was ordered on special duty to help in the construction of the Ni
  9. It's been a while since I've posted, but here is a nice group, as received from a friend. They were all sewn on a sheet with these yellowed labels of old card stock.
  10. I agree. There is a lot of history to uncover in these. I wish I could find out a bit more about the 13/84. I've only found two obituaries from names on the flag. One mentions Army service in wwii and the other mentions the 635th. Thanks for looking
  11. Thqnks much for clarifying that. I've had this question posted for days on the axis forum with zero response. I read again the Austrian post about the castle and it was let from the Gau Oberdonau to,SA Gruppe Alpenland who instituted the fuererschule in the castle. I'll have to find out what rhe 84 denotes.
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