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    It's called the "Ambien effect".
  2. Hello Gentlemen, and any ladies in attendance. I've included the two clear pictures from ebay that will copy, this link will show the rest of the photos on the ebay ad. I see the hallmark is not in mirror image. The seller indicates that the pin is at the full stop position in the ad photo. Would this be a real period Tactical Observer, or a restrike? Either or, how would one correctly evaluate this wing for that determination? http://www.ebay.com/itm/HYPER-RARE-WW2-1946-USN-USMC-TACTICAL-OBSERVER-WING-BY-MEYER-/171994019903?hash=item280ba4783f:g:EtUAAOSwo0JWQR~S Thanks- Jay
  3. How can a copy be discerned from a real one? There are some astoundingly real looking counterfeits these days, especially with cad cam technology on the loose. (I had no idea we could post wings from other countries on this forum)
  4. Hello to all, what is a rare wing like this worth?
  5. Not sure of the date, but this is a beautiful Gemsco wing.
  6. Great info, thanks. Is the Airlines wing hallmarked Robbins? Thanks.
  7. 268th, wings nuts, hadn't heard that one before. Pfrost- Could sometimes an engraving be from an earlier wing that was bought sitting on a shelf in a store for awhile, or from a wing handed down from father to son....or something similar? Thanks- Jay
  8. Dave, just swap me for that Mercedes emblem.......It'll look great on my Acura. OK, thanks for all the input, I doubt Luke cast these, and if they did I would think they would have done a better job, but, looking at the hallmark and eagle/shield on the larger example, that kinda surprises me. That'll teach me not to look at Luke or Gaunt in the future. The only ones left are repros i suppose. Thanks.
  9. Let me see if these load. I agree, if something is beautiful it don't make it real. I was just saying the guy that made these missed his calling, he should have worked for Luke. Maybe the guy I got them from got duped, and he just passed that on to me, but he's in ill health in a wheelchair with a stroke.....so that's the way it goes.
  10. Hi Patch I have three Eagle Amico hallmarks, each are different in size. Wish we knew the gospel on that, could be the year and or location they were stamped with. Surely Cliff knows, he may just be holding out on everyone. J
  11. If you question that Sir, what is the knowledge you can share with us? Nice wing, either way Costa. J
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