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    Any original Marine Corps items, especially Pre WWII Uniforms and Headgear My interests are Early USMC Aviation, Items identified to Marines at Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, Midway, the Philippines, Guam, Guadalcanal, Peleliu and those on ship duty in 1942. I'm very interested in Marine Bombing Squadrons (VMB's, VMSB's and VMTB's). Always looking for ANYTHING id'd to members of PBJ Squadrons (The VMB's, especially VMB-413), especially flight gear/clothing.

    Always looking for items from these men (family members):
    Even if not to buy, to know where they are would be great

    Cornelius Doherty - 108th Field Artillery, Pennsylvania NG, WWI

    Harry Riley - 62nd Armored Field Artillery Bn, Died August 13, 1944.

    Joseph A. Doherty - 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd ID. KIA March 3, 1944.

    Robert Lester Mahler - I/3/24, 4th Marine Div. WIA March 8, 1945.

    Thomas R. Riley - USAAF

    Joshua L. Doherty - With a Seabee Unit, I believe.

    Ens. Alex A. Gorski, USNR - Died as a POW, January 28, 1945.

    Capt. Henry Gorski, USN (ret.)

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  1. With pockets is post WWII, they were adopted in 1947 if I remember correctly. That's about all I can contribute, but I believe the trousers in WWI and into the 1920s were a lighter "sky" blue as well. Hope this helps some. All the best, Patrick
  2. That uniform has a great story with it. It must have been a weird feeling for him to go “home” on deployment. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Not sure what that would have been worn on, but it's the insignia from the First Marine Aviation Force in WWI. They had a very active reunion association in the 1940s that I know made car decals and such, so my guess (based on jweitkamp's response) is that someone put a decal on leatherette for a reunion or reunion type activity. I could be wrong, but I can't imagine what this patch would have been worn on, or why it would be decal on leatherette if it were otherwise. Just my thoughts. Neat patch!
  4. Here's an excerpt from the 62nd Armored Field Artillery's combat journal describing their actions on D-Day, and listing the wounding of Pvt. Riley, among others. They're a fairly obscure unit, with a very active and fascinating history.
  5. 76 years ago today, Private Harry A. Riley died in England, from wounds suffered on D-Day. He served through Italy and North Africa with the 62nd Armored Field Artillery, and was finally fatally wounded on June 6th at Omaha Beach serving with that same unit. May he rest in peace. Here's his death notice from the newspaper, which gives a little bit more information about his service.
  6. That's awesome. I love the signatures on the flag!
  7. Yep, according to wikipedia he dropped out of high school and served in the Marines from 1953-1956, spending time in the Aleutians. I had no idea he was a Marine. May he rest in peace.
  8. The star is Boy Scouts, indicating 4 years of participation. Not sure about the others.
  9. Find A Grave has two John Luebberts of about the right age, one KIA in France, and another, PFC John A Luebbert, who was in the Army Air Corps. No Marines that I could see. Find A Grave isn’t exhaustive, so there still could be a Marine with that name, but I’ve found it a pretty good place for this sort of thing. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/117844971/john-anthony-luebbert
  10. Incredible grouping! Thank you for sharing! What an incredible thing those Marines did. Patrick
  11. There are some absolutely beautiful items in your collection. Thank you for sharing!
  12. Good to know! I had no idea about that. Looking again, the lower points of the stars are within the painted shape, so I suppose it's not the shape I was thinking of. But the black paint goes up past the EGA, almost in a rounded arch shape, it seems to me. It could be the photo quality or something, but that was the red flag for my inexperienced eyes. I'm glad to know those other details, thank you for sharing!
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