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  1. Gil, I previously downloaded the back of the wrong patch....Sorry!

    This is the one for your opinion.   Thanks!

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-06T124620.849.jpg

    s-l1600 (56).jpg

    1. gwb123


      The seller has an excellent reputation.  Chances are it is good.


      If you are looking at eBay, please send a link to the auction if you would like me to look at something.


      You might want to get some other opinions.

    2. sky eagle

      sky eagle

      This is one of the selective patches...I have been looking for.  With all of the fake patches  

      on the internet..it is difficult to know what is real and who is a credible dealer?


      Gil,  In the future...I will accommodate, you with the links for better identification of patches.


      Through you......and your knowledge, I am getting my education of how to proceed.


                                                All the Best,   sky eagle








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