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  1. I can verify that. This patch looks to have been made locally in Vietnam.
  2. I agree, and yet somehow this stuff still sells by the hundreds on eBay.
  3. This is unique. I've never seen a VC/NLF flag made out of what appears to be silk. You will want to be careful with this... I've been reading lately that silk can degrade over time. From your photo that may already be happening to the red field of the flag.
  4. gwb123


    Recent Pakistani or Indian made.
  5. Liberty cuff for a Navy jumper?
  6. Here' an example of Cold War era self camouflage. Not mine but seen at a militaria show years ago. Notice the black spray paint on the fatigue hat.
  7. I doubt this was an ARVN helmet, as they tended to use more green shades. I suspect this is a self camouflaged US helmet.
  8. I suspect it will go straight into someone's closet. I assume Jason would have some kind of identifying informations, serial number, etc. Someone would be crazy to put something that easily identified out at a show, but then again sensible people do not break into stores.
  9. The window display. I am sure many of us who attended the Leavenworth shows have seen it.
  10. From the local club in Kansas City: KCMCC members: Club member and owner of Overlooked Antiques in Leavenworth, Jason Claire, who also runs the fall Leavenworth Military show, was robbed recently. As decoration in a large display window he had a WW II de-milled German MG-42 machinegun. It had been there since he opened the shop about 10 years ago. The window was smashed and the gun and a WW II non-decaled German steel helmet were stolen. Club members are alerted to be on the lookout as you go to shows, sales, etc. The helmet would be hard to ID, but
  11. Thank you for sharing these. I think the first one on the left is suspect. It looks similar to a series of fakes that came out of Monterey California in the 90's. Those thick "dots" of securing thread are a tell, as well as the poorly folded edge material. I think the design is off as well... I don't believe the originals had just the skull without the crossbones (but I will have to check. Sorry.
  12. That hurts my head just to look at it. Hopefully you can get a closer photo of the shoulder patch.
  13. Yes indeed. Nice little grouping you have there.
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