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  1. The US Army Vietnam subdued twill patch is US made.
  2. Better to spend your time playing whack-a-mole. How exactly do you sue a patch maker in Vietnam? He/she probably has no idea what unit this if from or what time period it served. Even if they do, they'd most likely deny it. eBay makes it possible to import it from the source in Vietnam, or from the dozens of middlemen in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea or the Philippines. There is no one you can take into a US court. If you find a US based dealer selling these in any number, the best you can do is warn your fellow collectors. Be careful though.
  3. Looks like a pop up target for a firing range.
  4. Nice rendition, with the figures showing a very active scene. Nicely done.
  5. I agree with Randy. I think Vatican Tech Rep is simply a novelty patch for a Catholic Chaplain. Corporate tech reps were there to solve technical issues in the field. One could say chaplains were doing the same on religious and moral manners. Neat item.
  6. I agree. Heavily washed, ironed and otherwise beaten.
  7. Very nice set. I concur with ATB ... the SF shoulder patch is a unit insignia, not a qualification badge. If you were assigned to Special Forces unit, you wore the patch. As for the Airborne tab, I believe I have seen early examples of uniforms where a non-jump qualified soldier wore just the arrowhead, but I think later on it was standardized as ATB said for everyone to wear both.
  8. Hi Gil.


    Hope you had a pleasant Labor Day?   I have a patch for your opinion.

    I only have a photo of the front side and not the reverse side.

    The sellers has a 100% rating...over 4000 sales...no negative feed backs.   Is the patch real in your opinion...or it a Pakistani repro?


    Thanks,  sky eagle

    s-l1600 - 2020-09-07T161822.858.jpg

    1. gwb123


      Pakistani made.  Sometimes these were made as reunion pieces.

    2. sky eagle

      sky eagle



      Thanks for your expert opinion.  Do you have any spare patches of Vietnam Air Force Patches for sell from your collection?  If so, may I send you my list?     

  9. I second the vote. But you have some classics here. Patches from the 80's are now old enough that people think they are from the wartime period.
  10. An oldie but a good one to start with... Selected U.S. Army insignia of the Vietnam War by James McDuff. A lot of us started in this hobby with this one. It is in black and white, but most of the insignia are subdued, so it really does not make much of a difference. It's a good one to study for embroidery styles and assembly techniques. Another good thing about it is that Jim and Ival Lawhon shot the photos for the book before the market was flooded with reproductions from Vietnam in the 1990's. He's got one or two in there that I have questioned (and I ha
  11. The epaulettes have been added as the material is not an exact match. No one seems to have mentioned that the material is poplin, rather than ripstop. The name tape does look like it has been replaced. Given the age of the jacket, that's not unusual. It may simple of been a matter of going from white to subdued, or from printed to embroidered. The impression from the name tape seems to match the current name. Sometimes it is hard to tell because the ends of the tape have been folded inward. On way to try to test for a match is hold it up to a mirror. Or
  12. https://www.army.mil/article/238636/german_family_finds_dog_tags_from_wwii_soldier?fbclid=IwAR2tvWYZG-kHbQdQM5_zdMucjaVgDrB5LGAks63dm68p9wdnDkPfnFD4Wy4 WIESBADEN, Germany – Local German Simon Krieger-Pleus discovered a pair of World War II U.S. military identification tags during a nature walk through the prominent trails in July. As the eldest son of the Krieger-Pleus family approached the object, “the silver chain could be seen on the surface and then was dug up,” he said. Krieger-Pleus knew it was a U.S. dog tag and that, “it was a very personal and a special treasure,
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