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  1. Gil, I previously downloaded the back of the wrong patch....Sorry!

    This is the one for your opinion.   Thanks!

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-06T124620.849.jpg

    s-l1600 (56).jpg

    1. gwb123


      The seller has an excellent reputation.  Chances are it is good.


      If you are looking at eBay, please send a link to the auction if you would like me to look at something.


      You might want to get some other opinions.

    2. sky eagle

      sky eagle

      This is one of the selective patches...I have been looking for.  With all of the fake patches  

      on the internet..it is difficult to know what is real and who is a credible dealer?


      Gil,  In the future...I will accommodate, you with the links for better identification of patches.


      Through you......and your knowledge, I am getting my education of how to proceed.


                                                All the Best,   sky eagle








  2. Hi Gil,


    Saw this patch on ebay.  Two bids so far...Real or Fake?   Thanks!

    s-l1600 (56).jpg

    s-l1600 - 2020-06-21T161345.484.jpg

  3. My Mom recalled the guards carried Thompson submachine guns when they brought POW work teams to come pick apples on the farm.
  4. I believe it is missing it's cover page. Here are a couple of examples. http://www.mickeyssurplus.com/ranger-handbook/ https://www.abebooks.com/9781481847735/Ranger-Handbook-1967-Replica-Edition-1481847732/plp
  5. Gil, I just realized my mistake...😳...I meant VMF-223.

  6. Hi Gil,

    Would appreciated your opinion on this patch.  The patch is listed as a USMC VMF-322

    from the 1950 Korea War.


    Is the patch Real or another Fake?  If Real...What you offer for it?


    Reply at your first opportunity,  Thanks,  sky eagle

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-02T212656.652.jpg

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-02T212708.574.jpg

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-02T212717.795.jpg

    1. gwb123


      I'm not sure.  This is not my area of expertise.


      There are a number of USMC flying unit patches that have come out of Vietnam in recent years.  


      Seller is relatively new on eBay, and there are zero bids on it.  He's had had other USMC patches listed, and claims this is from an estate.  It's a nice story, but I have no idea how true.  There are no bids on this at the moment and hat is not a good sign.


      Compare to:  https://www.flyingtigerantiques.com/korean-war-vintage-usmc-vmf-223-marine-fighter-squadron-223-jacket-patch.html



    2. sky eagle

      sky eagle

      Thank you,  I am like you...I don't feel comfortable with this one.  I will pass on it.

                                                      Thanks again!!  sky eagle

  7. I need to seriously upgrade my Ion scanner, which only does an initial scan of 92 dpi. It was inexpensive and easy to use, but it just did not give me the fine detail I wanted. However, mine is about 10 years old and they may have been upgraded since then. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001DCGMR4?tag=s9d4fe82-20 However, if I recall correctly, we had a topic earlier on this same subject. A number of people spoke highly of Epson products. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/11282942299123140718?q=epson+slide+scanner&prds=epd:811718618049825740,prmr:3,tpim:CJ6mlNTm7oLlcRCZuob04rzm_PEBGPC81W0iA1VTRCjw5aP4BTD2utg7,pdprs:5&utm_medium=tu_cu&utm_content=eid-lsjeuxoeqt&utm_campaign=125181302&gclid=CjwKCAjwi_b3BRAGEiwAemPNU35C0iE77aIWHt2WXlf76zMKPrFhh9Z8bCmxBvZIbISU1fZ8G3v_txoC3WAQAvD_BwE
  8. If it has a name tape, $5 is a steal. Was there a patch on the right shoulder from a combat tour? If there are missing patches or name tapes, always check the pockets.
  9. I just happened upon this while surfing the internet: https://www.theworldwar.org/explore/exhibitions/current-exhibitions/vietnam-war-1945-1975?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020JulyNewsletter&utm_content=version_A&promo=1324 It will be there until July 26th.
  10. Take the top one and hold it near a lit light bulb. If the printed portions partially block the light, chances are it is good. The printed fakes are not as heavily printed, and most of the light will shine through.
  11. The low tech solution would be to add some still photos from different angles along with the gif.
  12. This is interesting. It's hard to imagine that this is a group effort, as only one buyer would benefit in the end. Unless they all take turns? Hard to imagine in a highly competitive collecting environment. I'd more suspect it is one buyer with multiple on-line accounts. One explanation that would make sense would be if this was an organized effort by a shop or other reseller trying to build their inventory. As far as chat groups, it's possible that there are ones out there with some very gullible followers. Sad to say we have seen it on here, where one loud person declares a legitimate item to be fake or doctored. Then a chorus of their friends all chime in with "Of course, now that you have pointed that out, it's obviously a fake!" I've seen a number of perfectly good items, usually patched fatigue uniforms, that get tossed aside based on unfounded fears and half formed opinions. One positive of eBay in particular and other on-line auctions is the sheer volume of viewers. My best advice to a seller would be to hold on and let the auction run. On higher value items there are plenty of people that will look them over and decide for themselves whether it is fake or real.
  13. Actually, I believe when these jackets were surplused, Property Disposal would make repairs like these so that the items were suitable for sale. I've seen all kind of repairs and even patched with non matching camo cloth.
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