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  1. just fishing through pile of buttons and have one of these
  2. my uncle made it but killed a month later. God bless
  3. Bless them all & honor them. where would we be without their courage?
  4. great responses. agree with all. just a matter of ranking with them
  5. curious here, of course Lincoln & Roosevelt come to mind first, but what about some of the others? McKinley comes to mind. Quick war, total victory & gained a lot of territory from the war. however, I think he was more a passenger then a hands on manager of the affair. would rate GWB #1 high if he had finished off the Gulf War by taking out SH.
  6. have staff button with W.M.A. on bottom with ring of stars and CADET on top. button is 7/8" 23 mm on lined field with unknown seal in solid line circle. has 10 stars and inner heavy line of slashes or rope as back mark. have looked everywhere and can't find it. any help with school, date, maker, will be greatly appreciated. david gpspartans
  7. hoping to get $150.00. first time listing item. if don't hit reserve we will see
  8. button is Navy, 6/8" dia marks are dm, button has no rings SCOVILL MF'G. CO. (star) WATERBURY (star) tried several sources & have several marks close but none match any help will be greatly appreciated David
  9. had these awhile now and seeing a few on eBay, which always makes me wonder, real or fake? badge 3 1/2" h x 2 3/4 w. no marks. any help, as always, will be greatly appreciated. David
  10. thanks. looks like that, have several, but the missing part threw me off
  11. have this disc and have no clue as to what it is, date. the infantry insignia is raised above the disc. disc is 7/8" dia. not marked. any ideas? any help will be greatly appreciated! David
  12. have button just can't find what it is. close to US Navy Chief Petty Officer button but it is not perfect match. has Waterbury Con "Hot Dog Marks" dating button 1866 - 1870. any help will be greatly appreciated! David
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