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  1. I will go to a museum with it and he will take a look at it because u never know so that means that the dressing and ammo clip is also fake because they told the soldier left that ammoclip and dressing.
  2. The shell is original. Maybe the painting and straps not.
  3. But the other side the farmer gave me 2 original dressings a poison alcohol can and a full m1 garand ammo clip.
  4. I know already what it is it is a original wwii helmet but it got a new color.
  5. It wasnt on the barn itself. It was a fleemarket with farmers u cant find a tourist on that market. He told me his dad took the helmet from the battlefield and his dad putted down the m1 helmetin the barn. En he found it back later.
  6. Glen no. I will go to a museum and i will poat the result no one can know from pictures fake or not. Not every helmet is the same
  7. People about the isigna are just joking look at this one.
  8. Can someone help me too get information about William R Moore Jr. Please dont place a nara record i already readed everything. His assignation is Air Corps and his serial number 17098880.
  9. Glen the straps are 100% original i will give u a pic if im back. I searched for some original helmet and the straps are sticked like them.
  10. But the straps are just right ? Its not green or OD u cant see it in real because its a litlebit darker khaki. Its only a littlebit greem because i used the flash.
  11. The shell is right he got a front seam but i had read that the us painted the m1's in the war several times. And the white stripe look like your I stripe. The helmet is curked the curk structure is the same as yours.
  12. The scratches are everywere on the helmet on the isigna upside the helmet and the officer isignia side.
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