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  1. That is fantastic! Any idea what it sold for? Just curious.
  2. flight helmet

  3. I saw that on Craigslist when I was in San Diego the week before last. Cool find! I'm glad someone on here grabbed it.
  4. I stopped into B & T Coins and Militaria in Jacksonville this afternoon and I scored a nice HGU-68/P flight helmet. If you are in the area check out this store. I am off to DMZ Military Antiques in St. Augustine tomorrow.
  5. I still have that single visor housing if you want it. I do not have the tracks, knob or the visor but if you want the housing, I will donate it for free. I will bring it to the KCMCC Military show in Lenexa tomorrow if you want to meet there.
  6. I know I have a single visor housing I would donate to the project. It has a stain on it but it could be painted to look cool. I might have other parts too.
  7. Great work! Im always happy to see a flight helmet saved from extinction!
  8. That is an excellent example. I have an HGU-2/P with the leather tabs and snaps in my collection too but I had no idea it was worth that kind of money. Maybe I should throw it on eBay...
  9. Cool! I wrote to Gabreski when I was a kid and he sent me a great autographed 8 X 10 and a handwritten letter. Very nice man!
  10. I was really looking forward to this series that premiered on the National Geographic channel last week. I love the movie Black Hawk Down, I have read the book three times and I have read Mike Durant's book twice. I understand that this is a TV show and I REALLY appreciate the first hand experiences of Mike Durant and Rangers Keni Thomas and Randy Ramaglia. With that said, it is clear that there were NO military advisors used in the making of this episode. First of all, why are the Rangers and the actor portraying Mike Durant (who was with the 160th SOAR at the time) wearing full color USAF Ai
  11. HMLA-367 is also known as SCARFACE. The fly Hueys and Cobras out of Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii. I was just at the squadron in February.
  12. That is really nice. Most of them that I find have started to turn green (i think because of the copper in the paint). Super clean and beautiful condition!
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