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    willmar,mn USA
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    I love Vietnam era Gear and uniforms and GI Joe figures (1:6 scale) and well pretty much anything Military related at this point.
  1. if anything happens to pack u could end up a walking nightlight LOL
  2. Maybe if they said the Boogieman used it It would sell out instantly LOL
  3. Since I posted these pics i recently removed all the patches from the walls because my dad is going make me a frame to put them in. What do you guys do to display patches? Brandon
  4. cool so its a Korean Era Pot with a post Vietnam Liner So its a Mutt Helmet LOL
  5. I want say a sand finish as it feels rough like sand paper and its a front seam helmet
  6. sorry about the crappy pics LOl I kinda figured that but O well its still my favorite helmet I own and I usually just throw on a 1973 dated VN style cover so it feels like one to me none the less LOL
  7. I bought this a long time ago It was my second helmet and my most prized possesion. When I bought it I was told it was a Vietnam era helmet. I want know if it is. Im kinda scared because I have believed it was a Nam era helmet since almost 2009 :think: http://s1263.photobucket.com/albums/ii635/...T%20FOR%20SALE/
  8. Well no disrespect but George Carlin said it best when he said "here is a real oxymoron Army Intelligence" LOL
  9. I buy alot of older stuff and maybe KEY WORD maybe pic up new if its cheap enough and I have money to burn. (aint often lol) I soometimes buy stuff to flip it but IDK it just depends on the time and the place.\ Also I buy stuff from Korean War because My Grand Father on my dads side was a tank driver during the Korean war.
  10. If I may boldly say its kinda like the Medics having red cross on their helmets make a nice target for some lucky guy.......
  11. definately an interesting picture I have a few of them on my Photobucket account here: http://s1263.photobucket.com/albums/ii635/sgtsavage21/
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