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  1. I enjoyed your photos. Thanks for the time and effort!
  2. Miller's book is the best I have read on the 8th Air Force. Beyond its comprehensive history of the campaigns and events, it was able to move between the big picture and individual stories in a way that gave much fuller meaning to each other. My interest in the book, in particular, comes from what is (at least to me) an interesting story. My obsession with military history began with my grandfather, Lewis Wells', stories of his service as pilot with the 95th Bomb Group (334th BS). I did quite a bit of research on his missions and interviewed several members of his crew while they were still alive and produced a book on the subject just for extended family (only 45 copies). I ordered Miller's book on Amazon when it was "recommended" to me based on other books I had purchased. Several hundred pages in, my jaw dropped when it started quoting my grandfather and two others on his crew from my book. What an unexpected thrill! As I found out later, my mother (his daughter) had donated a copy of the book to the 8th Air Force Museum in Savannah, GA and this had to be where Miller got the quotes. Even before I got that far, however, I had become convinced that this was the best book I had read on the subject. Highly recommended.
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