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  1. Hey Lewis I don’t know about the colors. l found the 16 plate in a antique mall. They had a 1919 Penn Plate and I think it was black with Red letters & Numbers. Thanks Joe
  2. Hi jm62 Thanks ! The stamp resembles an Israeli stamp a lot. But it’s different from the stamp of a Israeli made liner. This liner shell is a U.S.made Firestone. The headband is U.S.. But I don’t think the webbing is. I’m wondering if the Israeli stamp could be different on a liner that they refurbished from a US liner ? Thanks Again. Joe
  3. The cover that’s on the shell
  4. Found this Helmet liner with a stamp on the under side of the visor. It kind of looks like a Israeli stamp. But doesn’t look right. The liner has a Firestone stamp beside a cross. Any idea what this is? Thanks Joe
  5. I didn’t realize the YMCA went overseas to support the troops in WWI. I just googled it & there’s lots of photos of the YMCA members in uniform overseas supporting the troops.
  6. Can anyone make out what the Side cap crest is? I cant find Anything that looks like it. Thanks Joe
  7. Found this 1941 plate topper this weekend. On the price tag it had Norfolk Navy Yard. Im not sure if thats what it means or not.
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