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  1. I didn’t realize the YMCA went overseas to support the troops in WWI. I just googled it & there’s lots of photos of the YMCA members in uniform overseas supporting the troops.
  2. Can anyone make out what the Side cap crest is? I cant find Anything that looks like it. Thanks Joe
  3. Found this 1941 plate topper this weekend. On the price tag it had Norfolk Navy Yard. Im not sure if thats what it means or not.
  4. Thanks Lewis. I really liked the look of that 41 plate. When I seen it in a antique store. It wasn’t cheap. But I hadn’t seen a 41 before. Didn’t buy it when I first was it. But talked myself into going back & buying it. The 1940 NC plate & some of the 30’s plates have that same script. Joe
  5. The Sea Wolves ! They sure are a very confident looking group of aviator’s. I’ll see if I can identify any of them.
  6. Found this photo in a antique store . The seller wrote USS Hornet Air Group 2 on the back. Im not sure when it was taken. Joe
  7. Heres my NC tags. The 42 tag have been restored at some point. Im not sure
  8. Thanks. That’s what I thought. They probably used the glue or carpet tape to hold the liner in.Because of the ascent of the snap on the shell chinstrap. Joe
  9. I believe it should have the snap. It doesn’t. The liner is 70’s & the shell chinstraps I believe are 50’s. They probably got married together at some point. What would have been the purpose of the masking tape & glued in liner ? Joe
  10. Had this helmet all these years & Just noticed the peace symbol
  11. The front. The helmets nothing special. Just a cool looking helmet. I pick up 20 years ago. Joe
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