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  1. When were these New York National Guard helmets used?
  2. This is a WWII era ATS petty officer.
  3. I have this Military Sealift Command jr officer hat. Named but I don't know the date. Tonelli shows a picture of an identical one and describes it as circa 1950.
  4. Found this and thought it was pretty unique. US Maritime Service officer's combination cover with badge of the American President Lines. APL was an agent for the War Shipping Administration that operated Liberty and Victory ships. Nice example from the forgotten service.
  5. It appears to be Rubery Owen & Co, and the markings match the description in the link. Given the date, these would have been provided by Britain to equip loyalists in the Civil War, right? Are these rare or common?
  6. Greek must be right- that picture of the lining is spot on, and explains the rim. Thanks very much!
  7. Thanks- commonwealth had not even occurred to me. I found several pictures with similar liners. Odd, though, because the shell has a rim- shouldn't Commonwealth helms be rimless? How can you tell the shell is Commonwealth?
  8. Just acquired this Brodie helmet. "1942" is stamped on the chinstrap guide. I can't find a picture of another liner that looks quite like this- is it a repro liner?
  9. This appears to be a field grade officers dress white cap. No name inside, made by Luxenberg Military Outfitters before they renamed to Morry Luxenberg. Why do I question it? I bought it on Ebay and no one else bid- never a good sign... The seller claimed it belonged to Alden K Sibley, but there is no name inside and I have no reason to believe their story. It was sold along with a nice, apparently original, 8/10 photo of Sibley as a Lieutenant, but nothing ties the photo to the hat. Any reason to think it isn't real?
  10. I was unconcvinced this is real since the band is not blue and the badge is all gold (no silver propeller.) But then I found a few pictures of hats without the blue band. There is a stamp inside the sweat band that says "CAP SERVICE FLYING CADET" "SOCIETY BRAND HAT COMPANY" "DATE MAY 16, 1941" "PHILADELPHIA QUARTERMASTER DEPOT." Unfortunately not named- just some initials on the inside and under the brim.
  11. This liner belonged to my wife's grandfather, who served 1946- 1948. Left side is the 102nd "Ozarks" infantry division, right side the 34th field artillery.
  12. LanceG

    Army dress cap?

    I have the same concern about the color. However, as you can see in the picture, this emblem has been attached to this hat so long that the color of the mohair band has actually faded around the shape. If it was replaced, it was a long time ago. The buttons are also very well done if fake, with pins rather than screws and very old. This hat just really has the feel that the badge is original. The top is also some sort of twill/cotton, not wool. (Maybe this is a tropical hat?)
  13. Oops- no front eyelet. Straps look to be OD (color is faded.) This must be a P55, right?
  14. Yes, the nape strap looks to be rayon,
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