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  1. With the Air Assault Badge, yes.
  2. Thank you -- I'm warming up to it myself.
  3. Thanks very much for that. I am pretty sure the collar disks are reproductions. The overseas stripe appeared original to the coat. I'm not sure about the 78th DIvision SSI. It looked like an original WW1 era patch but needs more study ito confirm that in my opinion.
  4. Many thanks for that further explanation. The collar disks are US with superimposed Ohio on the wearer's right and crossed pistols over MP on the left.
  5. Hunt, Thanks for the additional observations. I think the mix of insignia and the connection to a costume shop makes this one difficult if not impossible to sort out. When I first saw it hanging on a rack in an antique store I thought (and hoped) it would be a clean 78th Division M1918. After the comments and observations here and my own assessment I think this is one to take a pass on. Again many thanks to those who offered opinions. Dennis
  6. Thanks for that info. I neglected to take a photo of the lining but it has a full lining in a light khaki/tan color that is probably cotton. Here is a picture of the manufacturer's tag.
  7. Hunt, Here's a picture of the front. It appears unmodified to me. But it does have a mix of insignia (78th Div on the shoulder and 37th Div on the collar). Buttons were replaced also.
  8. I'm seeking some assistance from the forum on this. I encountered what appears to be a M1918 Army uniform coat today. I think it came out of a costume shop so there are some "creative additions" to it but it is probably salvageable. One thing that got me was that it has belt support hooks on the back of the coat. I am not particularly welversed in the M1918 coat so I'm wondering if the hooks are typical of that model coat. Thanks in advance for any insight anyone may have. I'm attaching one picture of the hooks. Thanks, Dennis
  9. I just picked up one of these myself in an antique store in northwest Ohio. There appears to be a name written on the outside of the box -- "Buch" followed by "Sr" -- Senior maybe or some initials? I can't tell. I think it could be the awardee's name. Here are a few pictures.
  10. Great group and I loved seeing it. Thanks for posting it.
  11. 37 Purple Hearts were awarded to crewmen of the USS Cole. Many others to service personnel wounded in various terrorist attacks including in CONUS. I would also not discount Somalia. I know a Navy logistics officer who earned a Purple Heart there in 1993.
  12. IfI recall correctly personnel serving in Lebanon from 1983-1987 earned the Armed Force Expeditionary Medal not the Multi National Force and Observers Medal. THe MNFO medal is awarded only for service in the ceasefire zone in the Sinai between Egypt and Israel.
  13. I had not seen this thread before. This is a wonderful collection that is expertly researched and displayed. It's a real pleasure seeing it. Thanks for posting it and even more thanks for preserving the material and soldiers' records.
  14. Gil, Great thread -- thanks for taking the time to assemble it. I saw the U-505 as a kid and have it on my "to do" list to revisit. Looks like now is the time. This is from memory since I no longer have the references but having studied the U-515 (not U-505) action extensively I think it is interesting to go back and look at Gallery's operations against the U-68 and U-515 before capturing the U-505. As I recall (and this is memory only), he developed the tactics to take boat on the high seas and tried and modified them on the U-68 and U-515. I think the U-515 ( Kapitänleu
  15. Exceptional group and I enjoyed getting to see it. Thanks for posting it.
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