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  1. Remarkable stories. Thanks for pointing them out.
  2. Incredible. Can't say that I've one of those before. I imagine a good portion of the other officers can be identified as well. Thanks for posting them. Dennis
  3. Great group. You did a wonderful job telling his story. Thanks for posting it and rembering him.
  4. I'm attaching one picture of the area where I think it is likely Pvt McMeekin was wounded. First, the bakgorund. On September 30 the 28th Division was ordered to go over to the defense in the area they currently held and resume the attack on October 1 with the 110th Infantry planning to jump off at 0600. On September 30, the 110th and 109th Infantries established a defense in depth in an around Apremont and south. I and K Companies, 110th Infantry were in a strongpoint in the cemetery just north of Apremont. E Company, 110th Infantry and a platoon of engineers were in strongpo
  5. Great badge -- really enjoyed finally seeing a good picture of one. Well done! Dennis
  6. For what its worth, you might want to consider Spanish/Hispanic/Latin name conventions. This could be as simple as "Tro" was his father's last name and "Rivero" was his mother's last name so he went by "Emilio Tro Rivero" in Cuba. When he applied for US citizenship he may have changed to the US name convention and used his father's last name and did the same in the Army. Dennis
  7. Happy to help. I have an item in my collection from a soldier in the 109th Infantry Regiment (Pvt Charles Walther of Lodi, CA) who was killed in action on October 1, 1918 about a mile from where Pvt McMeekin was wounded. It appears to me that they were both casualties resulting from a German counterattack against the 28th Division at 0545 on Oct 1 which preempted the 28th Division's attack planned for 0600 that morning. Pvt Walther was reported to have been killed by machine gun fire. I walked that ground in October 2018. If I have a picture of the area where I think Pvt McMeekin was woun
  8. You've probably already seen this but here is what the 110th Infantry Regiment history has listed for Pvt McMeekin (Pg 244-245): "McMEEKIN, ROBERT (1240631) PFC. Co. F; Wounded Oct. 1, '18; Ret. to D. Feb. 19, '19; Disch. May 23, '19; (74-8) 1225 South 22nd Street, Philadelphia, Pa." He may have been wounded "slightly" but he was out of action for over 3 months. Dennis
  9. Excellent set of medals. Always a great find when there is a photo of the soldier. Thanks for posting it. Dennis
  10. Thank you. It was enjoyable researching the group. Dennis
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