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    Always interested in WW2 Airborne items
  1. In fact these uniforms were issued in OIF. The SF tab would normally be there with SF branch insignia. Don't get me wrong.... the uniform could still have been used.... they might have been just out of the tabs.
  2. They were actually developed for the FSSF.
  3. So now you are a novice? I suggest you do the research before the endorsement. I hope you didn't use the same logic with the purchase of your SS helmets.
  4. I have a factory made chaplains wing still on the original card. I will agree that many fakes exist... to say that all are fake is incorrect. Again, I have modified wings that have come direct from the vet or family.... sorry but they can only be original.
  5. Do you have knowledge of an officer named Thomas that was killed in the 508th? Do you even have the ability to conduct research before endorsing a helmet you know nothing about. Considering all your grand experience and knowledge do you believe that the 3rd ID helmet on Ken's site is an original?
  6. So then you have no proof of provenance for this helmet.
  7. Very nice.... I have a few of these. Based on the construction they appear to be English made. I think realistically $20.... others may pay more. These are his campaigns Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Anzio, Normandy, the Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace and Central Europe. Most guys that were in the division came out of the war with six campaign stars.
  8. Did the Marines use many of these?
  9. Actually.... i don't think you did that bad.
  10. You speak about provenance as if you were actually there..... I was just pointed that out. Do you know about Thomas? I take it you don't..... that in itself "speaks volumes". Please.... now inform us all about the authenticity of the 3rd ID helmet on Ken's site.
  11. ....and the 98th Infantry Division.... not that they did much.
  12. Maybe, I wasn't clear.... mine is a custom wing made for the soldier in England. My point was that wings were made for custom order..... some were made or modified by jewelers; others were made at the factory to order in various configurations.
  13. The 32nd had more days in combat then any other Division in the PTA.
  14. Hmmmmm.... I have a wing that I got from a widow of a vet that would put a chaplains wing to shame. Yes..... they did make them during the war along with a whole host of other types some are "factory made" originals and others are custom made. Are there repros out there.... yes..... with a little knowledge you can narrow it down.
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