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  1. Thanks Patrick! I can see the similarities from the other threads. Gary
  2. I picked these up in a local shop yesterday. Pin is missing, and the front appears to be "chromed", or something. I'm interested in thoughts on these. They are marked Sterling and the back appears to have a proper patina, but the front... Thanks! Gary
  3. Hello, I picked this up in a local shop yesterday and can't put a manufacturer to the hallmark. It's a lousy picture but could someone please help? Thanks! Gary
  4. MikeK, you were absolutely right! With a little judicious rubbing, the Meyer shield appeared! I kept thinking about your post and had to be sure. Thanks! Gary
  5. Except for the New Hampshire wing patch, these are mine from the 60s. Some ribbons have gone missing over time, but this is a good representation. Gary
  6. My boss at a previous job was a submarine officer. The assistant boss was a sub officer also. When my boss heard that i collected insignia, he looked through his duplicates and brought these in for me. He was an Annapolis graduate, as a Lieutenant, he chose Supply as his field and was assigned as Plankowner Supply Officer on the USS Olympia (SSN-717), a Los Angeles class fast attack boat. He told me how he came to be jump qualified, but i don't recall the details. The assistant VP was assigned to one of the subs involved in the tapping of the Russian undersea telephone cable as to
  7. No, effect of the patina. No marking other than the Sterling by the pin. Gary
  8. Thanks Guys! This isn't the first time, either. She is definitely a keeper! Gary
  9. My wife got me this for my birthday! From the style, any guesses on the maker? Thanks! Gary
  10. Thanks very much, Paul! Gary
  11. Picked these up in a shop yesterday. Thoughts on age? Thanks! Gary
  12. Thanks, it does! Mine is an HLP also. Gary
  13. Can someone please tell me when the changeover from button to clutchback lapel pins occurred? I recently acquired an Air Force Cross and would like to find the correct pin for it. Thanks!! Gary
  14. Hi, new to the forum but I've been collecting insignia for about 50 years now. I'm not into anything special, just what I see and like. New or old, no matter. These stripes have been with me the longest as I got them in my father's things when he died. He was in the CCC as a young man and I saw some here that appear similar. If anyone could help I would appreciate it! Gary Semper Fi - Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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