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guillaume le ouf

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  1. hello jerome! le vengeur masqué... à++
  2. hello, this is some field police things... Jerome voila! To your request! Good evening my friend!
  3. hello valery, Lacrosse is a retractable as mp40 on ... There were fabrications American in 80 years ... Before? cheers
  4. thanks! have you got some twil? cheers
  5. Hello, Here is my small collection of badges TWILL. On the whole, I think having only 3 copies. Thank you for your comments!
  6. hello, this is 4 patchs from 3 OG107 and a m1951. on right, japan made? cheers guillaume
  7. hello, thx for encouragements... it's very hard to collecting vietnam in FRance! thx a lot guillaume
  8. hello, its a GG! and its a PRC77 dated 1968.. thx for infos! bye
  9. hello, a second display from this afternoon... thanks a lot for yours ideas!
  10. hello MISTER Miraldi, I 'm very happy to have some infos from you! My english is very bad... but I say you thx for ideas... what i can do to do a better SOG? the stabo are good (a hold colelction from french dealer) and I want to make it on... for the google 1974 I say that but I havent nam dated! its hard to got this in france. If you have some pics to indicate a good fashion!?? for info the grease gun is manufactured in 1955 . I have 31 years old ans I'm collectiong from 16 years ago. thx a lot guillaume a another: say me! thx
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