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  1. This is a real photo postcard that I just added to my collection. My grandfather was a captain in Engineer Corps. in the First and Second World Wars so I am always looking for interesting images of Engineers. This is earlier than what I normally collect so hoping members can help with information. The reverse of the card has a 1910 cancellation from Perry Oklahoma. I cannot find a military post there so possibly this was taken at one of their homes away from his posting. The brassard is intriguing and I would be curious for opinions about it as well as what folks can "read" about him from thi
  2. I would suggest it might be the Ladies of the Golden Eagles. The Knights of the Golden Eagles was a fraternal and beneficial society that had a women's affiliate known was the Ladies of the Golden Eagles. The eagle at the top of the suspension bar and the initials LGE seem to make sense. The lyre could be an officer's jewel.
  3. Thanks everyone for your help!. Much appreciated!!!
  4. I was out at the thrift shops and stumbled upon this. Not really my expertise and I keep learning from this site about the different patterns. Hoping for some insight. The label led me to believe not military but the velcro patterns suggested to the contrary. Any help would be gratefully appreciated even if to tell me it is nothing.
  5. The sign used to sit out on the edge of school property. Not sure if the snow plows may have taken it out. I gather that the high school was where the camp was located but it spilled down over the hill including parts of Penn State Harrisburg and possibly Frey Village. I am guessing that when the schools and Olmstead were built that much was destroyed.
  6. I wonder what his background/training was. Over the years, I have collected a fair number of studio portrait photographs of soldiers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of these folks were clearly cranking out the images with a view towards speed rather than quality. LaFong and Cox clearly were highly skilled and meticulous photographers. Sorry this image is not identified as I would love to know how it came to be in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
  7. Thanks so much. I appreciate the info. The quality of the image really caught my eye as it is super clean.
  8. When I attended Penn State's branch campus in Middletown Pennsylvania, I passed the small blue historic marker for Camp Meade. Finally, on one spring day, I pulled over and read the story of how this camp was established in 1898 for the Second Army Corp. President William McKinley revised the troops there and it was apparently one of the larger staging areas during the War. The close access to railroad and the PRR's hub at Harrisburg meant that it was convenient for moving troops. It closed when the Second Corp moved its operations to the South but then was later used for mustering out of troo
  9. I acquired this real photo post card some years ago and it is one of my favorites. There is no doubt that these two are brothers as the resemblance is quite striking. The sailor brother has a second class rating badge and a radio operator insignia. His bother, whose uniform looks a bit big is wearing a just visible 32nd Division on his hat and on his shoulder Hard to see but with a glass, they are there. He also has a wound stripe on his sleeve. Both seem to have WW1 Victory ribbons. Anyhow, a neat pair of images. The reverse of the card has a Harrisburg Pennsylvania imprint on it which is
  10. This is the second photograph in my collection showing a multigenerational group of veterans. This one puzzles me a bit. It has a handwritten note on the reverse of Burlington Iowa and the original image shows clearly a 7th Division patch on the WW1 soldier's shoulder. The other two are a bit of a puzzle as to the relationship to the first. I first thought grandfather, father and son but the man in the five button tunic seems to be the youngest of them all. The older man in the center wears Colonel's eagles on his shoulder straps. Any thoughts about this one.
  11. I have only ever owned two of these photographs that show multiple generations of veterans. This cabinet card has a Mack and Bro./Pottsville PA. imprint on it. I cannot tell the medal that the WW1 vet is wearing Looks like a Pa. state medal but there is no federal Victory medal shown.
  12. I have had this photograph for some time. It is smaller than a normal cabinet photograph and has a hinged tissue paper that drops over the front. The photographer is La Fong and Cox/Shanghai. Would be curious as to what others think. The cap badge is clear with an anchor and USN. The buttons on the jacket have a fair amount of glare coming off of them so they cannot be read. It came out of a now-closed used bookstore in Chambersburg Pennsyvlania.
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