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  1. Doctorofwar and thorin6, Glad you received your books and are pleased. For those of you interested, I started a Facebook page called "The Model 1918 Mark 1 Trench Knife and Variations". All are welcome to join and participate. Please stay well and keep your families safe. Greg
  2. Rick, Glad you liked the book. Knuckle knives are addicting. Regards, Greg
  3. Dagda, Frank and Marc, Thank you for the above comments. I am happy that you like the book. My goal was to add to the collecting community as Frank and many others have done over the years. Stay healthy. Greg
  4. John 121, Thanks for posting the pictures. The above book is a limited printing in the United States of 350 copies. 160 copies have been sold since its release of 2/14/2020. If you are interested in a copy, contact me direct at: gregaloi@optonline.net Thanks, Greg
  5. With the current spread of the Coronavirus and various public events being postponed, hopefully the show will not be rescheduled. Great show. Have not missed one in about 30 years.
  6. Marc, Your book will go out this week with tracking. Let me know when you receive it. Regards, Greg
  7. CCyooper, Thank you for the nice review. I am glad you liked the book. Regards, Greg
  8. Hello Marc, Hope all is well. I sent you an email. Regards, Greg
  9. Hello all members of the U.S. Militaria Forum. Volume 2, "Knuckle Knives of the Second World War" is currently being completed at my printer. It is large format, hard cover and 346 pages. Over 200 knuckle knife examples and variations are reviewed. The book as well as a limited run of 50 additional copies of my first book, "The Model 1918 Mark 1 Trench Knife and Variations", will be available at this years Show of Shows in Louisville, Kentucky next month. There will only be a limited run of 350 copies being printed in the U.S.A. for Volume 2. Hope to see you at the S.O.S
  10. Cromwell, I would like to give you a lot of credit for taking the stand that you have on such a controversial topic......
  11. Have there been any updates in regards to this situation?
  12. Need to have it hand to completely confirm, but looks authentic.
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