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  1. I had trouble getting a small box respirator out of them. Finally got it after two tries. It's good quality, but in the intervening years the cloth covering the hose is coming unglued. It's never left my "war room" so that's not good. Also his manufacturer reuses original filter canisters, so if you dont strip it and use a rust-fixative it will rust through the coat of paint they put on it. - Ted Filer
  2. I read about this. Really looking forward to reading the archeological report. Nothing's available yet is it?
  3. Thaks for posting this. I live outside Columbus but have never beent there. I'll have to go now.
  4. This is a very well-done museum. Lots of heart. The Cowboy Museum nearby is also well done.
  5. This is an outstanding piece of historical interpretation. I especially liked the simulators you could operate.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. The wooden WW II barracks are almost all gone too. I watched Amish dismantling several at Camp Atterbury for the well seasoned wood.
  7. Great picture of SSG Barry Sadler! Thanks for posting that!!
  8. And now you're hooked. Welcome to the club! :>)
  9. Early-on during Desert Shield desert-colored tapes were hard to obtain. I even have one in my collection that is green web tape with light tan material sewn over it, then embroidered.
  10. Consider starching/sizing the item, then ironing into the shape you want. I've also used a light amount of white school paste to shape it. You can also pre-sew it into shape with a contrasting thread and wide stitches that you remove after permenantly sewing it on. Dont hesitate to cut some of the bulky overlapping material away (don't cut too close to the edge though...).
  11. I thought this was a funny commentary on the current ACUs not melding in with anything.
  12. Super-nice work! As you may know, The Book of the Contental Soldier by Harold L. Peterson covers some of the saddles of this period. Well worth a look if you haven't already seen it.
  13. FM 23-30 (Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals)(Dec 1988) says simply "light blue".
  14. Nice score! As I remember, Fort Knox Training Aids Support Center (TASC) were generally pricks about getting their stuff returned. Maybe the unit that signed these out was deactivated and they "walked off".
  15. They have a real one on display at the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB if you want to see on in the flesh.
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