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  1. Not long ago I picked up a jacket from AVI Lthr in Denmark who's relatively new to the field. I've been very impressed by their work given the price it has. It's one of the only economically priced makers out there that patterns their jacket off an original maker (Monarch) and the quality of their leather is very nice. It's not completely perfect, and may not have the detail and quality of Eastman or Goodwear, but it's a properly cut, properly patterned jacket with great leather, very solid construction, with an accurate lining, accurate zipper, and accurate label for a fraction of the price.
  2. No updates as of yet that Ive seen, I know theres been ongoing work on the script and discussions with HBO. Just a reminder regarding some perpetuating myths: It has been confirmed that the series will be called Masters of the Air by the series head writer The mighty eighth trailer thats been going around is not involved with this project and allegedly a portfolio piece of sorts. I did have a chance to meet the head writer sometime back and hearing the level of detail, genuine dedication, and excitement he has about the project (and that Tom Hanks reportedly has in it) gave me a to
  3. So generally the Oakley brand gloves and others are private purchase gloves folks will use with their gear, rather than something standard issue. The gloves would have been designed with combat Troops in mind as a private purchase item, not out of a government request. Ive seen them get used by air and ground troops as well out of personal preference. In terms of when they came out Id say mid-2000s timeframe. Hope that helps!
  4. Oh! Huh I remember hearing about them but never actually had seen one, Thank you!
  5. So a friend found this and sent it to me, but for the life of me I have no idea what it is. Its about 1-1.25 feet long, Black, has a plastic connectir at the base and a mouthpiece of sorts just big enough for a mouth/chin. https://imgur.com/a/bmn3zPK No clue what it is! Any thoughts?
  6. Polksi303: Got some ready to go! I'm preparing stuff that I'm okay with going into non-temp controlled storage (field gear, uniforms, etc) in large plastic tubs, some in the space bags, all catalogued and priced out. Anything rubber or leather I'm putting in a separate box that I'm storing at a friend's.
  7. Jumpin Jack: Thanks! That was one of the options I was looking into, I'll have to see Major Z: Eh the biggest option would be my parents but they don't really have the storage space for it back home. I've got a similar issue with firearms and given all the horror stories I've heard about TMO, I don't know if I feel comfortable leaving those with them. I'm definitely considering a climate controlled storage area! Main thing was I was curious if anyone's dealt with storing items in non-climate controlled storage, but from the sound of it it isn't the advised option
  8. So I'm being sent overseas for a short tour with the Air Force soon and I'm trying to figure out how best to store my collection while I'm gone. Mostly a mix of WWII, Vietnam and Desert storm gear. I'm leery about storing it with my normal home goods with the travel office mainly because it will be placed into a generic storage unit without climate control somewhere in Texas. The uniforms and web gear and all I'm not too worried about, I'm more concerned about rubber and leather items with the heat and all. Does anyone have any recommendations on whether or not to store all of it there or no
  9. So just an update, I asked John Orloff a question on twitter and he noted that the miniseries was never slated to be called "The Mighty Eighth" and will be called "Masters of the Air" I guess the news sites reporting on it were still mixed up by that youtube teaser trailer for the other project. Just figured I'd let y'all know!
  10. Nooo No more Ambrose! Masters of the Air is actually very in depth and incredibly well researched. I've already read through it twice and it's a fantastic overview of the campaign!
  11. I've been following him on twitter too and it's great seeing his updates, it's awesome to see all this come together and I am extremely excited for this! Haven't had a good big-budget thing about the AAF in 25 years!
  12. Trying to clear up some confusion on my end as to the story of one or two donkeys that were smuggled back from Tunisia on the Regensberg Mission. Both stories involve one getting picked up by an aircraft after it landed in Tunisia after the Schweinfurt-Regensberg mission in 1943, being taken in by the crew and accompanying them back to England, bombing Bordeaux in the process. But there was one story of one getting picked up by Capt Owen "Cowboy" Roane and named Mo (later Chloe apparently when they found out it was a female) https://100thbg.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&a
  13. From what I understand from John Orloff's twitter at least is that they're shooting for a 2018-2019 release timeframe (but that's speculative) So far I've heard they've done principal shooting in Savannah GA, tons of research, writing, probably some location scouting at this point, and veteran interviews. At this stage I'd assume they're still looking at options for aircraft and such. It'd be really cool to see them get a few 17s and maybe a 24 over there for shooting but we shall certainly see. From reading the book, I know I'm very interested to see if they have Hap Arnold, Spaatz, Eak
  14. Update from John Orloff, writer for Band of Brothers now working on Masters of the Air:
  15. The most recent update: John Orloff posted this on twitter last month. I think there's reason to be excited: https://twitter.com/johnorloff/status/766313117085265920
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