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  1. Nice grouping. I was a day late and a dollar short on it as well. Congrats.
  2. If it were to be used as a basket then there would be no need to do the interior ring. All that would need to be done is to affix the "handle" to the bales. Still looks like a liner for a piece to be worn.
  3. I really like the framed Yank and Ike letter. Nicely done.
  4. Nice set up. I must say, your college experience is VERY different than mine!!!!
  5. The superb combination of skill, imagination, and storytelling. Nice work, very nice work.
  6. Where I work we use the term "unobtanium" for metal pieces that we are talking about when those that are also around think they know what they are talking about. When a hydraulic or pneumatic system is not working properly and there are those around that think they "know' what the problem is we usually say, "no, the conifulator valve seems to be not working properly".
  7. There are several that would like to have a go at purchasing the contents.
  8. Very nice use of space and diversity. I like the bunker feel. Looks like you can just grab a weapon off of the wall and be ready!
  9. The below Sweetheart Pillow Case is rather boring as it does not feature planes, guns, soldiers, etc. Even the place it is featuring is blandly stamped onto it with an ink blotter. It is from Harmon General Hospital located in Longview, Texas. Construction for the hospital began in May 1942 and opened in November 1942 with 1525 beds in 119 buildings on 156 acres. By the War's end it consisted of 2939 beds located in 157 buildings with a total of 232 barrack-type buildings on site. At the end of the War the complex was no longer needed. This is when Heavy Equipment M
  10. You have some nice looking uniforms there. Looking forward to see how this collection grows.
  11. MasonK, You are correct. I am trying to get named uniforms of each division or other unit that served in the ETO/MTO. Thanks for looking in. I plan on making this a running thread with updates.
  12. Keep checking back. Now that I have done the overall presentation I will continue to add to this thread some details of items that I think may be of interest or what people ask to see more of.
  13. Really nice. I love the focus of the helmets as they all carry the same theme. Another example how a proper display enhances the items. Kudos.
  14. Nice, neat, focused collection that is well displayed. Looks like you have your loves covered; military, hunting and the Texas Longhorns!! Very nice. Hookem!
  15. In memory of the end of the War in the Pacific, and WW2 in general, I present images of an Atom Struck Tile from the Sairenji Temple in Hiroshima. I have had this tile for 20+ years as it was given to me by my great-uncle M/Sgt Johnnie M O B L E Y. Many items in my collection were given to me by him and he is the one that got me started collecting. This tile was presented to people who helped rebuild the Temple after the War. I Googled the Temple name and came across images of other tiles presented as well as an explanation of the tile. I am not sure how many are still in exis
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