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  1. The blue, gold , and red round patch is the Replacement and School Command patch. The Replacement and School Command was established in conjunction with the early WWII Army reorganization and was activated on March 27, 1942, with headquarters at Birmingham, Alabama. Its mission was to supervise the operation of schools and replacement training centers.
  2. Nice. Love the layout of everything. A lot of quality exhibited there.
  3. Or go to a Cracker Barrel restaurant and see holes drilled through items so that they can be secured to the wall. I have also ran across items that have the pricing written in ink right on the object or have used some type of tape used as a price tag that removes some of the parent material when you attempt to remove it.
  4. I have used the clear plastic ones noted here since I have the angled walls/ceiling as well. They do not intrude on the presentation.
  5. Nicely done. Clean, easy to see and admire. Great job and wonderful content. Giving me ideas as I update my displays.
  6. Welcome from the Great State of Texas!!! True Texans are a proud and independent people that are proud of their state. I travel internationally a lot for business and I most often say I am from Texas instead of the States. With all of that said Texans like to acknowledge the Republic of Texas as an important part of the history and the status that it alludes to. Texas was a Republic in the early 1800s after it gained its independence from Mexico and before it became a state in the Union. Texan by the grace of God!
  7. Great and appropriate subject matter. Fantastic in its detail. Nice job. Looking forward to the completed work.
  8. Welcome from Texas!! North, South Louisiana? I am just across the border in NE Texas.
  9. I am curious as to why he only buttoned the top and bottom buttons of his jacket?
  10. I understand that as a result of the documentary they have re-opened the murder case.
  11. Super nice grouping. Are the Overseas Bars bullion?
  12. Another fantastic and informative video. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not a Facebooker at all but I am dumbfounded as to what would cause this video to not be shown. I would like to think that they simply have the wrong video in mind. Keep up the solid work James.
  13. I have a dilemma, or at least it is to me! I have about 100 uniforms with about 80 being on hangers hanging on racks with 20 or so on mannequins or torsos. My goal is to have a uniform of each major unit that served in the ETO/MTO. Presently they are hanging in order starting with Army Groups, Armies, Army Corps, Infantry Divisions, Armored Divisions, Misc Units, and lastly USAAF. The ones that are hanging all have the left shoulder facing outward. Most of the uniforms that I have feature SSI on both sleeves. Many times I end up having a lot of COMZ ETOUSA SSI or doubles or triples of other units SSI being seen since they are all on the left shoulder. This makes it look like there is no organization at all because the SSI on the right shoulder cannot be seen and that may be the one needed for the sequence. Since I like uniformity in my display I have always faced the uniforms in the same direction. Now I am seriously considering placing some uniforms in the "wrong direction" so that you can see the appropriate unit SSI. I need some one to tell me to put my "select OCD" aside and that it is OK to mix the arrangement up! Or suggest some other arrangement.
  14. As a side note, out of curiosity I often look on Google maps for the address/house of the soldier's home if it is listed in the census records or other means during my research of a soldier. The Streetview often times satisfies my curiosity of the house and its status.
  15. 1939. The greatest year ever for movies.
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